A YouTuber Was Arrested While Trying To Enter Area 51

Dutch YouTubers arrested for allegedly trying to storm Area 51
Dutch YouTubers arrested for allegedly trying to storm Area 51

Sorry everyone, but we will not be storming Area 51, and we will not listen to dub-step music in the desert for two days because the Alien Stock Music Festival has been canceled.

Matty Roberts, creator of Storm Area 51’s Facebook page and founder of Alien Stock, withdrew from the event as he feared a “humanitarian crisis”, saying festival organizers resembled Fyre Festival 2.0.

This news comes a few weeks before the event date of September 20 and has pushed many people to say “oh, my god!” According to some, the event will always run on a much smaller scale than originally planned.

Connie West, owner of a local bar, told KVVU-TV: “I’m going to do it at my size” because she had already committed to being part of the event and taking tourists to the desert is always a good thing for business. who are trying to survive off the auroras of the Desert Zone 51.

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But not everyone seemed to understand the message, as news of two Dutch YouTubers arrested for attempting to enter US Air Force Base 51 in Area 51 was announced.

YouTuber, known as “Ties”, was arrested with a friend of more than 750,000 people after trying to access the restricted base. It seems that the two men had made a trip to the southwest and made the wrong decision to try to live their fantasies.

The services of the Lincoln County Sheriff have urged people to change their plans. Instead, they have been attending an EDM festival in Las Vegas instead of trying to storm Area 51, but they are still expecting more and more people to arrive in the next few days and weeks. The two Dutch YouTubers told the authorities that they were fluent in English and had simply ignored the multiple “No Trespassing” signs leading to the US Air Force Base.