You’re Eating 11,000 Pieces Of Plastic A Year

How much do you know about micro plastic? If you understand the environment, you might realize that over time, all the plastic in the ocean breaks into small clumps that seem insignificant until you remember there are millions of tons of these things floating around. They are an environmental hazard, because wild animals will certainly swallow it. But what happens if you swallow wildlife?

Research shows a very clear thing happening here. You eat fish, you get plastic. A seafood eater will swallow up to 11,000 microplastic pieces a year, and you don’t really throw it away. It becomes embedded in your network, like it is embedded in fish tissue. Over time, what do you think about all that plastic? We have recently tried to make sure plastics are not made with hazardous chemicals like BPA and phthalate and others. But all the old ones float in the ocean. In your shrimp and now in you. However, enjoy your next trip to Red Lobster.

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