Your drawings show what kind of person you are

drawings 1558555172
drawings 1558555172

1. The one who draws stars or moons:

Such people are usually ambitious, they have set high goals for themselves and are hopeful for the bright future.

2 . Drawing flowers :

Such people “love” travelling, they love to travel the world and explore the beauty of nature.

3. Drawing irregular patterns :

Such people are sad, they are worried about something and cannot fix it, so they express their sadness through their strange drawings..

It is not necessary that they are sad all the time, but mostly. And when they are, they draw such patterns.

4. Filling whole circles:

People drawing and filling circles are confident and good decision makers, once they choose to do something, they never regret it.

5. Filling words and half circles:

Such people are confused. they cannot take any decision for themselves, and often when they do, they regret it.

6. Drawing Hearts:

These people are…..ofcourse, lovers. They love someone, their family, their near and dear ones or anyone.

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7. Doing signatures too much:

Such people want to be famous, and are social, to some extent. They want to be known wherever they are.

7. Drawing human faces:

These people are beauty lovers, external beauty. They love beautiful people and being around them adoring them.

8. Abstract art:

Such people are usually lost in something, confused or deep…they have their own separate world, where they think and express their thoughts feelings, it comes out as an abstract art.

9. Shaking pencils, ticking them, shaking feet, moving fingers:

These people are anxious, or curious about something, they want something get done, and cannot resist too much.

10. Having interest in unnoticeable things like stones, paper, leaves etc. :

People like that are unique, they think multi dimensional, differently and notice things that people usually don’t and carry out different conclusions. They are often….special.