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Spring is right here and the bugs are again!  There are between six and ten million species of bugs, however just one for people.  Hardly looks as if a good struggle, which is why you want Your Bug Advisor in your facet!

Pricey Bug Advisor:

I’ve carpenter ants–I don’t imply me personally, I imply my home.  They’re going into the wooden of my soffits as a part of my eaves.  Once more, I should not have both soffits or eaves, though I’ve shingles.  What can I do about this?

Tula Marie Grealy, Prairie Village, Kansas

fascia lge
Home with random quantity stickers

Pricey Tula Marie–

My what a reasonably identify!  Shingles are (is?) a viral an infection of the nerve roots that causes a rash on one facet of the physique, both the left or the appropriate.  You don’t get to decide on, the shingles do.  Shingles are additionally a roof masking consisting of particular person overlapping parts.  With roof shingles, you do get to decide on the place they go.  Ask your physician which is best for you!

aepma spiders

Pricey Your Bug Advisor:

We’ve got spiders popping out of our electrical switches.  I don’t thoughts a lot however they get my spouse upset when she goes to unplug the toaster to make room for the donut maker.  I personally assume we have now too many countertop home equipment, however she says it’s her kitchen and for me to remain out of it, besides to eat, which I do.

What can I do to eliminate the spiders?  I simply need some peace in my home.  I shall be within the den when you name, I’ve a separate line in there.

Claude Boulrice, Florissant MO 63034

Pricey Claude–

Go away these spiders alone!  They eat different bugs, and when you kill the spiders, you’ll simply have extra bugs, solely totally different sorts.  I do know this feels like a “zero sum” recreation since both approach you might have about the identical quantity, however wouldn’t you quite have spiders who typically don’t chew people besides after they (the people) are sleeping?  The selection is as much as you; loss of life by spider chew, or a clear countertop.


Pricey “Bug Advisor”:

I used to be wanting via the storage sale adverts in yesterday’s paper once I got here throughout this little tidbit I believed your readers can be focused on.  “The lily beetle has reduce a lethal swath via New England over the previous 17 years.  The adults are a couple of quarter of an inch lengthy and when you squeeze them they squeak, a protection mechanism to discourage predators.”

Hel-lo?  Anyone dwelling at The Bug Advisor?  The place within the hell have you ever been for the previous 17 years whereas a squeaking, quarter-inch lengthy beetle reduce a “lethal swath” via New England?  I would as effectively get my bug recommendation from Pricey Abby.

Signal me–

A former reader, Shrewsbury, Mass.

IMG1802RedLilyBeetle main Full
Lily beetle:  Squeak!

Pricey Former Reader:

As famous above, there are thousands and thousands of insect species–how am I supposed to search out the time to put in writing about each one?  Particularly since I receives a commission freelance charges, with no well being or dental advantages.  And yesterday they despatched round a memo saying you would not carry over unused private days.  You’re fortunate I’m taking the time to reply your snippy, impertinent query.  I don’t imply to look defensive, however when you squeeze me, I do a hell of much more than squeak at you!

?attachment id=36714

Pricey Bug Advisor particular person:

I’m deathly afraid of getting Lyme Illness, a lot in order that I keep out from beneath branches always, as I perceive that is how ticks get on individuals, by dropping down on you whenever you move beneath them.  I imply whenever you move beneath the ticks, not the individuals.

Now I come to search out out they’ve one other secret tactic referred to as “questing,” the place they sit on a leaf, a twig, or perhaps a blade of grass, then crawl onto you when you get shut and linger lengthy sufficient subsequent to them.  What I need to know is, my daughter has been invited to go on a “Spirit Quest” along with her Lady Scout Troop, and I’m being requested to signal a medical waiver.  Do you assume a good paramilitary group such because the Lady Scouts would intentionally give my Shonna an epidemic?

Mrs. Lionel Gehrke, Cairo, Illinois

235 nm ticks 070614 ms
Extra ticks

Pricey Mrs. Gehrke:

I imagine you might have been misinformed.  The Lady Scouts are not a paramilitary operation, they’re a clandestine home safety power.  A “Spirit Quest” is solely a stroll across the neighborhood with flashlights and rolls of bathroom paper, to be thrown within the bushes outdoors homes occupied by cute boys.  Signal the waiver, and inform your daughter to steer clear of blades of grass.

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