You’ll Be Shocked Speechless When You See How These 25 Folks Averted Catastrophe

You couldn't just wait, could you?

Unhealthy issues occur to good folks each day, and we’re left to surprise why. However each on occasion, fortune smiles upon us, saving us from close to catastrophe. After we expertise one thing of this magnitude and proceed to inform our tales, it’s often as much as our listeners to determine whether or not or not they consider us.

As for these 25 folks, although, they’ve all of the heart-stoping proof they want.

1. You couldn’t simply wait, may you?

You couldn't just wait, could you?


2. That was shut.

That was close.

The Lad Bible

3. Three targets, zero hits.

Three targets, zero hits.


4. Didn’t actually assume that one by way of, huh?

Didn't really think that one through, huh?

Slightly Warped

5. He’s fortunate his reflexes have been there to avoid wasting him.

He's lucky his reflexes were there to save him.

Slightly Warped

6. This was about three inches shy of catastrophe.

This was about three inches shy of disaster.

Funny Junk

7. Good stunt work…

Nice stunt work...

Eye Opening

8. He doesn’t appear too involved about that near-miss.

He doesn't seem too concerned about that near-miss.

Ebaum’s World

9. Oh, by the way in which…avalanche!

Oh, by the way...avalanche!

College Humor

10. This provides “side-swiped” a complete new that means.

This gives


11. Run Forrest, run!

Run Forrest, run!


12. This might’ve been ugly.

This could've been ugly.

13. Excuse me, can I’ve your quantity?

Excuse me, can I have your number?

The Chive

14. Yeah, what a photo-op…

Yeah, what a photo-op...

Tacky Raccoons

15. He could have lower that flip a bit of too exhausting. Only a hunch.

He may have cut that turn a little too hard. Just a hunch.


16. I suppose ignorance actually is bliss.

I guess ignorance really is bliss.


17. Three near-death experiences, one cool video.

Three near-death experiences, one cool video.


18. Possibly you must simply await the crossing sign subsequent time.

Maybe you should just wait for the crossing signal next time.

19. In order that’s what it seems to be like when this occurs…

So that's what it looks like when this happens...


20. “I nearly died. No biggie.”

guycodeblogmtvcom anigifenhanced buzz 8417 1381176507 6gif


21. “Courageous” is usually synonymous with “silly.”

gifeyecom anigifenhanced buzz 12260 1381176744 34gif


22. “I suppose we don’t have to maneuver their stuff now…”

"I guess we don't have to move their stuff now..."


23. There’s parkour, after which there’s loopy.

There's parkour, and then there's crazy.


24. I don’t like clowns both, however that is loopy. Come on, man.

I don't like clowns either, but this is crazy. Come on, man.


25. Saved by the phone pole.

Saved by the telephone pole.


(by way of List 25)

I suppose perhaps somebody actually is watching out for us. How else do you clarify these?

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