You Know You’re In Faculty

you know you are in college

1. Highschool began earlier than 8am, however now something earlier than midday is taken into account “early.”

2. You may have extra beer than meals in your fridge.

3. Weekends begin on Thursday. No… Wednesday.

4. 6am is once you fall asleep, not once you get up.

5. You understand many alternative methods to cook dinner ramen noodles or macaroni and cheese.

6. The well being middle offers out free condoms, and folks take them… simply in case.

7. As an alternative of falling asleep in school, you keep in mattress.

8. You understand how late McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Qdoba, and so on. are open.

9. You assume it’s the weekend on a Wednesday and also you don’t know what month it’s.

10. You’ll be able to’t bear in mind the final time you washed your automotive.

11. Your underwear/sock provide dictates your laundry schedule.

12. You test Fb/Myspace greater than as soon as a day.

13. You get drunk dialed on any night time of the week.

14. You wash dishes within the lavatory sink.

15. You’ve fallen off a loft mattress.

16. You discuss beer pong prefer it’s a sport.

17. Discovering random individuals in your own home is completely regular, and also you even sympathize with them… typically once you get up you don’t have any concept the place you might be.

18. Your major information sources are the Day by day Present and the Colbert Report.

19. You open a beer at 10 am and your roommate asks you if there’s extra.

20. The usual of meals per day falls to 2, typically only one.

21. Your trash is overflowing and your checking account isn’t.

22. You go to Goal or Wal-Mart greater than 3 instances per week.

23. You put on the identical denims for 13 days with out washing them.

24. Your breakfast consists of a coke or cereal bar on the best way to class… something with caffeine will do.

25. Quarters are like gold.

26. Your concept of feeding the poor is shopping for your self some ramen noodles.

27. You reside in a home with three couches, none of which match.

28. You attempt to examine however appear to procrastinate by consuming, going to check breaks, speaking to individuals, and so on…

29. You speak to your roommate on immediate messenger once you’re each residence.

30. You ask individuals what YOU did final night time.

31. Sure issues are actually deemed ”
fb worthy.” When associates take photos of you, you surprise how lengthy it can take them to put up them.

32. You’ve seen successful and run involving a bicyclist/pedestrian.

33. You see individuals you realize you’ve met however can by no means bear in mind their names or how you realize them.

34. You sleep extra in school than in your room

35. Your concept of a sq. meal is a field of Pop-Tarts.

36. You’ve traveled with luggage of soiled garments.

37. You go residence to do your laundry since you’re too poor to pay the $2… or too lazy to go to a change machine.

38. You pay $100 for a guide you don’t learn as soon as, return it 4 months later, and get $7.

39. Greater than 20% of your family furnishings are produced from milk crates.

40. You acknowledge the meat within the dorm soup as yesterday’s meatloaf, and thus resolve to eat a pleasant bowl of cereal – a protected guess for any meal.

41. You employ phrases like “thus” (see 40).

42. You throw out bowls and plates since you don’t really feel like washing them.

43. Your beer pong desk is nicer than all of your different tables.

44. It takes preparation… and three individuals… to take out your rubbish.

45. Going to the library is a social occasion.

46. You put on flip flops within the bathe your freshman yr… you realize why.

47. You begin becoming a member of golf equipment due to the free meals.

48. Visits residence depend upon how a lot cash you’ve gotten for gasoline.

49. You skip one class to put in writing a paper for an additional.

50. You don’t have any concept the place your tuition cash goes… expertise charges? I feel not.

51. Bicycles don’t appear as lame as they did in highschool.

52. You keep up late to complete homework then sleep by way of the category by which it was due.

53. Women: You’ve balanced your foot on a shampoo bottle to shave.

54. Your backpack is supplying you with scoliosis.

55. You’ve written a test for 45 cents or stopped to get $2.00 of gasoline.

56. Your invoice within the bookstore will likely be similar to tuition.

57. Going to the mailbox turns into an ego booster/breaker.

58. Most of your T.A.s are overseas…what’s the deal?

59. You by no means realized so many individuals are smarter than you.

60. You by no means realized so many individuals are extra dumb (aka “dumber”) than you.

61. Western Europe could possibly be worn out by a horrible plague and also you’d by no means know, however you’ll be able to recite the final episode of your favourite present verbatim.

62. Care packages rank proper up there with birthdays.

63. You craft methods to make any sport right into a consuming/stripping sport.

64. You meet the kind of individuals you thought solely existed in films.

65. Printers break down solely once you desperately want them.

66. Something will be cooked in a microwave.

67. Two phrases: bike cops.

68. You may have Secure Trip programmed into your telephone.

69. Old-fashioned Nintendo… and guitar hero… are just about the most effective issues ever.

70. Going to the grocery at midnight is totally regular.

71. You name eating places that ship greater than you name your personal household.

72. You’ve paid payments over $5… in cash.

73. You’ll be able to’t think about life with out your laptop/mobile phone/ ipod.

74. Hoodies and sweatpants turn out to be the norm – denims are thought-about “dressy” at sure events… like faculty.

75. A canceled class is sort of as thrilling as Christmas.

76. Taking a nap within the library is completely acceptable.

77. Your professors converse English… as a second language.

78. Your lecturers swear in school and nobody cares.

79. Candles in your dorm room are thought-about contraband, however cigarettes are okay.

80. You’re taking condiment packets and napkins from quick meals eating places – hey, they’re free.

81. Betta fish are like your loved ones.

82. You carry again socks from the laundry room which will or will not be yours.

83. You understand what individuals carrying suspiciously heavy backpacks after darkish are doing…

84. The elevators take endlessly however you’ll wait 10 minutes simply so that you don’t need to climb stairs.

85. Your roommate asks you to test the climate in your laptop after they’re standing 5 toes away from the door.

86. Showers turn out to be extra of a problem.

87. You press the automated door opener as a substitute of merely grabbing the deal with once you strategy a door.

88. Christmas lights appear to be acceptable all yr spherical.

89. Class measurement doubles on examination days.

90. You donate plasma despite the fact that you realize it’s fairly sketchy.

91. You’re now not grateful that fireside alarms are right here to guard you.

92. You’ve purchased Christmas presents from the guide retailer and charged it to your pupil account so your dad and mom pay for the presents since you’re too broke.

93. You start to incorporate ketchup in your listing of acceptable greens.

94. You keep on campus for hours in between lessons when it’s too chilly to stroll residence.

95. Folks have that can assist you kick the merchandising machine simply so you will get your 50 cent bag of chips.

96. There’s at all times a “query child” in at the least considered one of your lessons, and you actually want somebody would simply inform him/her to close the hell up.

97. You steal dishes from the cafeteria so that you don’t have to scrub your personal.

98. Laundry is an all-day occasion.

99. You now not discover it uncool to take naps. In actual fact, you fairly get pleasure from them.

100. It’s unlawful to drink within the dorms but they promote an assortment of shot glasses, beer mugs, tankards, and so on. within the bookstore.

101. You discover your listing of acceptable napping locations increasing every day to more and more uncomfortable places.

102. You fill out bank card purposes for the free meals.

103. You’ve eaten cereal out of a cup… with a fork.

104. Dressing up for Halloween turns into cool once more.

105. You understand at the least one one who has dropped his/her mobile phone into a bathroom.

106. You hold a number of shirts on the identical hanger to save lots of house/cash.

107. You turn out to be more and more aggravated with the “previous” individuals in school – props to them for going again to school however they typically ask actually, actually annoying questions.

108. You admire individuals’s alcohol bottle shrines.

109. You set your clock 5-10 minutes forward so you’ll be able to probably make it to class on time.

110. You ultimately understand that setting your clock forward makes no distinction to you and also you’re nonetheless late.

111. You test (or one thing of the like) earlier than selecting your class schedule.

112. You textual content quicker than you kind.

113. You solely discover out a category is cancelled after you get there and sit for about ten minutes.

114. You truly begin utilizing coupons, particularly these faculty coupon books.

115. You open canned meals and eat it… out of the can.

116. You run out of black ink and, as a substitute of shopping for a brand new ink cartridge, resolve blue is a pleasant substitute… provides somewhat aptitude.

117. You may have numbers in your telephone with labels like “Sketchy Steve” and “Alcohol Man.”

118. The meals in your fridge could or will not be older than your little brother.

119. The phrases “google” and “wikipedia” have turn out to be verbs. And you utilize them… very often.

120. The names Morgan, Jim, Jack, and Jose might aptly describe both who you have been with final night time or what you needed to drink.

121. You fill your empty two-liter bottles with pop from the college cafeteria.

122. You may have a consuming buddy who can maintain essentially the most mental, deep conversations when drunk. Sadly, neither he/she nor you’ll be able to bear in mind most of it later.

123. Your flooring has been soiled to the purpose that you just’ve needed to brush your toes off earlier than placing on socks or stepping into mattress.

124. You’re all for the free samples at grocery shops.

125. Power drinks turn out to be your new greatest associates.

126. You understand that taking summer season lessons just about negates the enjoyable connotation of “summer season.”

127. You understand precisely how a lot meals will match right into a mini-fridge.

128. You understand that stated mini-fridge does NOT freeze ice cream.

129. You’ve made a sandwich on or eaten meals off of your $1500 laptop computer.

130. Your scar tales contain alcohol and/or listening to what occurred to you out of your extra sober associates.

131. It’s utterly acceptable… and inspired… to social gathering on weeknights. What would life be with out Wasted Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursdays?

132. Most of your textbooks stay unopened (probably nonetheless shrink-wrapped) all the semester.

133. Waking up within the morning and driving someplace to get a buddy’s (or your) automotive turns into a norm.

134. The native grocery store sells ping pong balls… proper subsequent to solo pink cups. Coincidence?

135. You go residence for winter/summer season break and all of the sudden your life again at school appears so thrilling…

136. You scent the clear liquid in your water bottle earlier than you drink it… simply to ensure it’s truly water.

137. You uncover new bruises in your physique and surprise the place the hell they got here from.

138. You discover alternate routes to class with a purpose to keep away from annoying group cubicles and/or the preacher on campus.

139. Two (extra) phrases: Energy Hour.

140. You end studying this and surprise how one can procrastinate subsequent.

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