“YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, LISA!” : Worst line in a film ever

An iconic line from the 2003 film “The room”. Tommy Wiseau not solely directs but additionally acts within the film as the principle character.

The film is about Johnny, a person with a seemingly good life, his job goes nicely and he’s going to be married to the girl he loves quickly, Lisa. He doesn’t know that his finest buddy, Mark, is in an affair with Lisa.

The movie has been known as the worst film of all time, the performing is horrible and virtually alien, the writing is just too, with a lot of the dialogue not making sense. It’s simply…such an attention-grabbing spectacle. It’s low funds and badly executed, but it has a fairly sturdy following. Individuals get pleasure from it satirically and it brings them pleasure to be on this group of sharing unhealthy strains with one another and throwing spoons on the display (sure, that could be a factor).
This line is extra well-known due to the unusual and compelled drama it provides to the scene and particularly the supply of Wiseau. There are lots of extra the place that got here from, however I believe that is what stayed in most individuals’s recollections. Another strains from it are:

“Mark: How was work right this moment?

Johnny: Oh, fairly good. We received a brand new shopper and the financial institution will make some huge cash.

Mark: What shopper?

Johnny: I can’t inform you; it is confidential.

Mark: Aw, come on. Why not?

Johnny: No, I can not. Anyway, how is your intercourse life?”

“Johnny: I kill you, you bastard!

Mark: You could not kill me when you tried.

Johnny: You betrayed me! You are not good. You, you are only a hen. Chip-chip-chip-chip-cheep-cheep.”

“Lisa: Did you get your promotion?

Johnny: Nah.


Lisa: You did not get it, did you?”

Simply. what.

This film is so intriguing that it has a e book written about it known as “The catastrophe artist”, it’s in regards to the making of “The room”. A film primarily based on the e book is popping out this yr! The trailer was launched yesterday. It’s actually the king of trash movies.

Right here is the complete scene, get pleasure from.

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