How do you know you are rich?

  • You went shopping. You liked two very expensive shirts. You couldn’t decide which one to buy. You bought both. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You need a new laptop. You go to amazon. You search. You sort by price: high to low. Congrats, you are rich.
  • Your son is playing with your iPhone 10Plus. Suddenly he drops it and breaks it. You run and ask him if he is okay. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You again went shopping. This time you bought groceries. The bill was $196. You gave him  $200. He said he didn’t have the change. You said no problem and you left smiling. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You wanna go somewhere. You open Uber app. You select your destination. You choose UberBLACK. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You are watching a 1080p video on your 5G. Suddenly your data balance is exhausted but you are too lazy to pause the video and recharge again. Now you are watching the video on your main balance. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You don’t just say a watch but Rolex, a car but Audi, a phone but an iPhone, a laptop but Mac, a perfume but Calvin Klein. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You celebrate your wife’s 50th birthday. You throw the party at the most expensive place in your town. Your own private jets are on duty to fly celebrity guests back and forth. Congrats, you are rich.
  • You kill people living on the footpath. You hit and run. You poach a blackbuck. You play your games. You manipulate the entire judicial system. You are free at the end. Congrats, you are freaking rich.

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