You are 10,000 times more radioactive than seawater from Fukushima

radioactive 1557863554
radioactive 1557863554

You are radioactive, at about 100 Bq per kg of body weight. This is mostly from Potassium-40 and Carbon-14.

Fukushima leaks radioactive materials into the sea, but the sea is deep so it gets diluted quickly. At 1+ km/mi from the plant, the concentration of radioactive pollutants is about 1 Bq per ton of sea-water. Sometimes this goes up to about 2–3 Bq per ton. So let us say 10(!) just to be really on the safe side.

10 Bq per ton, or 0.01 per kg of sea water.


We only counting the radioactivity from the wrecked plant now, and ignoring all the radioactivity that was already in the sea. That is about: 12,100 Bq / ton, or 12 Bq / kg.

So Fukushima increases the amount of radioactivity in the Pacific Sea by…


…and that is counting very conservative. The real value is <0.01%

So the next time someone tells you that Fukushima means the end of the world and that it is “poisoning the Pacific”, tell them to never go swimming or surfing… lest they hasten that process.