Yahoo – Biggest and Worst Mistakes

Yahoo has made plenty of bad moves in acquiring or not acquiring other companies.

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It is fascinating how many opportunities Yahoo have actually missed out on due to obvious bad decision making, a bit of bad luck and probably a bit of ignorance in the late nineties and early 2000’s.  However what people must remember is that internet giant must of been doing something right to be in the position to do so at all.

Yahoo passed up on the opportunity to buy Facebook for 1.1 billion, ~ .5% of its current value.

Yahoo also passed up on buying Google For a mere 1 million in 1997. ~.00027% of its current value.

In 2008, the Microsoft, eager to compete with Google, was willing to pay $44bn for Yahoo, but thanks to what many considered gross incompetence, Board rejected the offer.

Today, Yahoo’s market cap sits at just below $19bn.

However, they bought, for 4 billion with big B , and GeoCities for ~ 3 billion and have seemingly done nothing with them.

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