Women and men are completely different


To start with, a person doesn’t name a relationship. He refers to it as a
romance, or a interval of courting, of going out, or, in some unlucky
circumstances, “that point when me and Suzie have been doing it on a
semi-regular foundation.”

When a relationship ends, a girl will cry, and pour her coronary heart out to
her girlfriends, and she is going to write a poem titled “All Males are Morons.”
Then she is going to get on together with her life.

A person has a bit of extra hassle letting go. For six months, his ex might
not hear from him, however then, at three on Saturday evening/Sunday morning,
he’ll name and say, “I simply wished to let you realize you ruined my
life, and I am going to by no means forgive you, and I hate you, and also you’re a complete
bitch. However I need to let you realize there’s all the time an opportunity for us.”

This is named the “I Hate You/I Love You” drunken telephone name.
Ninety-nine p.c of all males previous the age of 21 have made this name
no less than as soon as. Some males make a profession of those calls. There are
group faculties that provide extension programs to assist males recover from
this want; alas, these lessons not often show efficient.


Girls desire 30 to 45 minutes of foreplay. Males desire 30 to 45 seconds
of foreplay, much less if in any respect potential. For the person, driving again to her
place is taken into account part of foreplay.


Girls mature at a a lot sooner fee than males. Most 17 yr outdated females
can perform as adults. Most 17 yr outdated males are nonetheless buying and selling
baseball playing cards and giving one another wedgies after health club class. That is
why excessive schoolromances not often work.


Girls look good in hats; males appear like idiots.


A girl is aware of how to buy groceries. She makes an inventory of the
issues she wants, after which goes to the shop and buys these items. A
man doesn’t store on a frequent foundation. He waits till the one objects
left in his fridge are an opened can of Schlitz and a half a
lime. Then he goes grocery purchasing. A person buys every little thing that appears
good. By the point a person reaches the checkout counter, his cart is
packed tighter than the Clampett’s automotive on the Beverly Hillbillies. Of
course, this won’t cease him from going to the ten objects or much less lane.


Males’s magazines typically characteristic photos of bare girls. Girls’s
magazines additionally characteristic photos of bare girls. It’s because the
feminine physique is a stupendous murals, whereas the male physique is lumpy
and bushy and shouldn’t be seen by the sunshine of day.

Males are turned on on the sight of a unadorned lady’s physique. Bare males
elicit laughter from ladies.


To their credit score, males don’t enhance their penmanship. They only
chickenscratch. Girls use scented, coloured stationary, and so they dot
their “i’s” with circles and hearts. Girls use ridiculously massive
loops of their “p’s” and “g’s.” It’s a royal ache to learn a word from
a girl. Even when she’s dumping you, she’ll put a smiley face on the
finish of the word.


For instance a small group of women and men are in a room, watching
tv, and an episode of the Three Stooges comes on. Instantly,
the boys will get very excited; they are going to snigger uproariously, and even
attempt to imitate the actions of Curly, man’s favourite stooge. The lady
will roll their eyes and groan and wait it out.


A person has 6 objects in his toilet: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving
cream, a razor, a bar of Dial cleaning soap and a towel from a Vacation Inn. The
common variety of objects in a typical American ladies’s toilet is 437.
A person wouldn’t have the ability to determine most of these things.

Most males take solely 2-3 minutes to alleviate themselves. Girls’s
Restrooms all the time have lengthy traces.


When a person says he is able to exit, it means he is able to exit.
When a girl says she is able to exit, it means she will probably be prepared,
as quickly as she finds her different earring, makes one telephone name and
finishes placing on her make-up.


Girls love cats. Males say they love cats, however when ladies aren’t
wanting, males kick cats.


When getting ready for work, a girl will placed on a Mondi wool go well with, and
then slip in Reebok sneakers. She is going to carry her gown footwear in a
plastic bag from Saks. When a girl will get to work, she is going to placed on her
gown footwear. 5 minutes later she is going to kick them off as a result of her
ft are beneath the desk. A person will put on one pair of footwear for the
complete day.


Leg heaters are attractive. A girl, even when she’s strolling the canine or doing
the dishes, is allowed to put on leg heaters. She will be able to put on them any time
she needs. A person can solely put on leg heaters if he’s auditioning for
the “Gimme the Ball” quantity in A Refrain Line.


Males are useless; they are going to test themselves out within the mirror. Girls are
ridiculous; they are going to take a look at their reflections in any shiny floor,
mirrors, spoons, retailer window, toasters, Joe Garagiola’s head.


When a girl reaches menopause, she goes by way of a wide range of
sophisticated emotional, psychological, and organic adjustments. The
nature and diploma of those adjustments varies with the person.
Menopause in a person provokes a uniform response — he buys aviator
glasses, a snazzy French cap and leather-based driving gloves, and goes
looking for a Porsche.


Males see the phone as a communication software. They use the phone
to ship brief messages to different individuals. A girl can go to her
girlfriend for 2 weeks, and upon returning residence, she is going to name the
identical good friend and they’ll discuss for 3 hours.


Ah, kids. A girl is aware of all about her kids. She is aware of about
dentist appointments and soccer video games and romances and greatest mates and
favourite meals and hopes and goals.


For instance a person and a girl are watching a boxing match on tv.
One of many figures is felled by a low blow. The lady says, “Oh gee,
that should damage.” The person doubles over and truly feels the ache.


If a girl is out driving, and she or he finds herself in unfamiliar
environment, she is going to cease at a gasoline station and ask for instructions.
Males take into account this to be an indication of weak spot. Males won’t ever cease and
ask for instructions. Males will drive in a circle for hours, all of the
whereas saying issues like, “Look, love I’ve discovered a brand new strategy to get
there.” and, “I do know I am within the common neighborhood. I acknowledge that
White Hen retailer.”


Girls will generally admit making a mistake. The final man who admitted
he was incorrect was Basic George Custer.


Girls like Richard Gere as a result of he’s attractive in a harmful manner. Males hate
Richard Gere as a result of he reminds them of that slick man who works on the
well being membership and dates solely married ladies.

DRESSING UP Girl will gown as much as: buy groceries, water the crops,
empty the rubbish, reply the telephone, learn a e book, get the mail. A person
will gown up for: weddings, funerals.


Apart from feminine physique builders, who name one another names
like “Final Pecs” and “Massive Turk,” ladies eschew the usage of nicknames.
If Gloria, Suzanne, Deborah, and Michelle get collectively for lunch, they
will name one another Gloria, Suzanne, Deborah, and Michelle. But when
Mike, Dirk, Clint, and Jack exit for a brewski, they are going to
affectionately refer to at least one one other as Bullet-Head, Godzilla,
Peanut-Mind, and Ineffective.


Little women like to play with toys. Then once they attain the age of
11 or 12, they lose curiosity. Males by no means develop out of their obsession
with toys. As they become older, their toys merely turn out to be dearer
and foolish and impractical. Examples of males’s toys: little miniature
TV’s. Automotive telephones. Sophisticated juicers and blenders. Graphic
equalizers. Small robots that serve cocktails on command. Video
video games. Something that blinks, beeps, and requires no less than 6 “D”
batteries to function.


A girl asks a person to water her crops whereas she is on trip. The
man waters the crops. The lady comes residence 5 or 6 days later to
an residence filled with useless crops. Nobody is aware of why this occurs.


Some males look good with mustaches. These males are Tom Selleck and Burt
Reynolds. There aren’t any ladies who look good with mustaches.


Males assume David Letterman is the funniest man on the face of the Earth.
Girls assume he’s a imply, semidorky man who all the time has a foul haircut.


Males take pictures very significantly. They’re going to shell out $4000 for state
of the artwork gear, and construct darkish rooms and take pictures
lessons. Girls buy Kodak Instamatics. In fact ladies all the time finish
up taking higher photos.


Within the locker room males discuss three issues: cash, soccer, and
ladies. They exaggerate about cash, they do not know soccer practically as
nicely as they assume they do, and so they fabricate tales about ladies.
Girls discuss one factor within the locker room — intercourse. And never in
summary phrases, both. They’re extraordinarily graphic and technical, and
they by no means lie.


Girls do the laundry each couple of days. A person will put on each
article of clothes he owns, together with his surgical pants that have been
actually hip about eight years in the past, earlier than he’ll do the laundry. When
he’s lastly out of garments, he’ll put on a grimy sweatsuit inside
out, lease a U-Haul and take his mountain of soiled garments to the
Laundromat. Males all the time anticipate to fulfill lovely ladies on the
Laundromat, however that is solely a fantasy perpetuated by outdated reruns of Love
American Model.


Males love to speak politics, however typically they neglect to do political issues
reminiscent of voting. Girls are very completely satisfied that one other era of
Kennedy’s is rising up and entering into politics as a result of they are going to be
in a position to marketing campaign for them and cry on election evening.


When reminiscing about weddings ladies discuss “the ceremony.” Males
discuss “the bachelor social gathering.”


Feminine cheerleaders are cute, attractive, recent, and all American. Male
cheerleaders are scary.


Males are wise about socks. They put on argyle socks or normal white
sweatsocks. Girls put on unusual socks. Socks with photos of clouds
on them. Socks which can be reduce manner under their ankles. Socks which have
little fuzzy balls on the again.


Girls use garages to park their automobiles and retailer their lawnmowers. Males
use garages for a lot of issues. They cling license plates in garages, and
they watch TV in garages, and so they construct ineffective lopsided benches in


For ladies their favourite movie scene is when Clark Gable kisses Vivien
Leigh for the primary time in Gone With the Wind. For males it is when
Jimmy Cagney shoves grapefruit in Might Clark’s face in Public Enemy.


Each actress within the historical past of films has needed to do a nude scene. This
is as a result of each film within the historical past of films has been produced by a
man. The one actor who has ever appeared nude within the films is
Richard Gere. That is another excuse why males hate him.


Girls look good once they put on jewellery. A person can get away with
carrying one ring and that is it. Any greater than that and he’ll look
like a lounge singer named Vic.


Coloured underwear. Girls are allowed, in actual fact inspired, to put on
coloured underwear. There isn’t a cause for a person to ever, ever, put on
something apart from stable white.

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