Woman Was Kicked Off A Plane For Bringing An Emotional Support Pig On Board

emotional support pig on plane
emotional support pig on plane

The woman was issued a flight after a pig traveling with her “emotional support” began screeching was identified uncontrollably.

Rachel Boerner, traveling from Connecticut to his family home in South Carolina for Thanksgiving with her boyfriend when Hobey 36 kg passengers complained about the smell.

ABC News reports that the passengers of US Airways flight initially thought Boerner was carrying a small bag.

“But it turns out it was not a travel bag. We could feel it and it was a pig on a leash, “Jonathan Skolnik told ABC News. “She was attached to the rest of the arm next to me and started treating his business, but the pig was walking back. “Professor Skolnik added: “I’m terrified, because I thought, I’ll be on the plane with pork. ”

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Air guidelines allow a variety of animals, including monkeys and miniature horses, which will be presented on flights as support designated animals.

Passenger Rob Phelps, 65, told the media that the appearance on the hog flight pushed “a mixture of uncontrollable laughter and shock” and described the squeals as three times as strong as those of a child. “I’ve seen dogs and cats in cages on a plane – but never a pig,” he said.

A spokesman for the parent company US Airways American Airlines told the TV out the pork, estimated to weigh between 20-30kg, had been placed on board by the passenger as an “emotional support animal.”

Mrs. Boerner asked to leave after the pig became disruptive, the spokesman.

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One speaker, Joe D, said he was on the flight. “That’s my left shoulder in the picture,” he wrote. “It was the most surreal flying experience of my life. How the animals of this size allowed in a cabin of a plane? This should not be allowed “.