Entire village wins Spanish lottery – except for one guy

Every Christmas in Spain, there’s a lottery draw so massive it’s called El Gordo, which translates as “the fat one.”

And the tiny village of Sodeto had some serious cause for celebration after all of the 70 households — except for one — purchased tickets. And these lucky locals’ number came up (58268), resulting in them getting a share of the monster $950 million first-place prize. Do the maths.Sure enough, the residents, mainly farmers and unemployed construction workers, walked away with millions.

Apart from one unfortunate guy called Costis Mitsotakis a Greek filmmaker who moved to the village, is the only resident of Sodeto who did not purchase a ticket. It seems that the good folk from the homemakers’ association, who were selling the tickets, had neglected to knock on his door.

Entire village excluding one wins lottery
Entire village excluding one wins lottery

Mr. Mitsotakis said it would have been nice to win. But he has benefited nonetheless. He had been trying to sell some land without much success. The day after the lottery a neighbor called to say he would buy it. The next day another neighbor called. But Mr. Mitsotakis refused to get into a bidding war. “This is a small village,” he said. “You don’t want bad feelings.”

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