Will and Grace — Blown Away

Diminutive actor (4’11 “) Leslie Jordan received an Emmy Award for her role as Beverley Leslie on thorns at Will and Grace. She is rich and traveling in the same social circle as Karen and likes to openly drop one or two pegs.

Even though Beverley was married, other characters saw him as a closed gay man. And their presumption might be right, because in the last episode it was revealed that Karen had pushed Jack who was reluctant to adjust to Beverley. When the tiny Beverley is flown from the balcony by a gust of wind and falls to his death, Jack is the heir of his estate, which allows him and Karen to continue their bacchanalian friendship.

Interestingly enough, the authors originally intended for Beverley’s character Leslie to be the woman played by Joan Collins. But Ms. Collins leaves the project after reading a script involving a fight between Beverley and Karen, where Bev’s wig will be revoked.