Wii Sports Bowling – Guiness World Record Holder

wii sports bowling guiness world record holder

Playing 8,550 Perfect Games of Wii Sports Bowling. John Bates bowled more than 8.500 perfect games (score 300 points on bowling) of Wii Sports bowling. Oh, and he’s 85 years old and he’s a Guinness World Record holderJohn Batess Perfect 300

In October 2010, Bates received the Guinness World Record for scoring 300 points on Wii Sports bowling 2,850 times since 2008. Less than a year later, by August 2011, he was up to 8,850 perfect games. At this rate, he’ll reach figures beyond what mortal numbers can keep track of pretty soon.

Bates says he plays between 10 and 21 games a day, the rest of the day I spend on GTA. It helps that he’s an actual bowler, but even then, his best score at the real thing is only 281. The secret is in how you grab the controller: Bates says he “got up from 22 percent strikes to nearly 90 percent” when he started holding the Wii remote with both hands.
Wii Sports Bowling scorecard perfect 300
Wii Sports bowling. It’s an incredibly fun game, but most of us probably just laughed our asses off playing it with friends a few times and then put it in the back of the closet.

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