Why is Sex Pleasurable Fun

sex fun
sex fun

Sex is a process through which reproduction happens. Sex is given by the Nature because, for some reason, the Nature wanted to continue the physical form of Life without any efforts.

  • It encourages the participants to have sex more often as it’s something that they enjoy.
  • This will of course, with Heterosexual couples and those able to conceive, result in children which furthers the population.
  • A male sex drive is about 4x higher than that of a woman’s which encourages a guy to go out and have fun with as many ladies as possible to further the race.
  • If sex was purely for mating purposes, it would be a bit boring and you would wait until a woman was in ‘heat’ so to speak, to impregnate her. Where as with sex, we are blessed with it being enjoyable and pleasurable, making us want to do it more.
  • Humans, dolphins and pigs are said to have sex for pure enjoyment, rather than just to mate.
  • Nature also has a way of making a man stay with a woman once he as ‘sown his seed’ so to speak….. It’s very clever!
  • During some of her months in pregnancy, a woman will get a natural ‘glow’ about her. Her skin will be clear, her lips will become more red and she will have a flow of endorphins making her happier. The idea behind it was to make her as appealing as possible to the male so that he will stay with her after birth. The same as women with young children have that ‘glow’ to them also.
  • Nature doesn’t care about social constructs and what’s PC or not. We are talking from a biological point of view.
  • Either way, sex is awesome. Boobs are awesome. Sexy people are just awesome! Let’s all enjoy as much of it as we can 🙂