Why McDonald’s Coke tastes better?

mcdonalds  1561491840
mcdonalds 1561491840

It turns out that there are many factors that play a role here to give McDonald’s a little extra.

First, McDonald’s has products that are shipped in stainless steel containers that help maintain the ingredients, and therefore ensure that their Coke feels fresher, while their competitors use plastic bags.

Second, cold. I mean it’s really cold. Cold temperatures make carbonation better and more bubbly, and always produce a better taste.

And to take advantage of this strategy, McDonalds has straws that are bigger than their competitors, so that more carbonated drinks touch your taste at once.

Finally, McDonald’s actually filters their water more than most to keep their beverage quality higher. In fact, they invest a lot of money to keep their dual filtration systems well maintained, so they are well maintained so they work better than other people’s systems.

McDonald’s certainly knows what they are doing!