Why I Hate My Father

The situation happened in 2018. My father drank a lot of alcohol and was drunk. At one point he went crazy and started beating my mom. I was very scared! It got to the point where my father knocked out the window in the door in the viranda. This happened in the evening. The next morning, he decided to take a computer to his second home, on which I then, thank God, did not enter a career on YouTube. Thank God, once again, that during use it did not destroy anything there (the disk is in place, the video card is working normally etc.)… The situation improved after two months and during this time nothing happened.

BUT IT WAS NOT THERE!!!! March 25, 2021 At that moment, my younger sister wanted to play on the phone, but there was a blocking program, and only my father could control it. In general… when my mother called my father, he began to speak, that he got behind the wheel and was going home, but then said that he was not going home. In short, my father was clearly drunk. I hope the situation will not be bad (as with a computer, because I make videos on it on YouTube).

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PS If you do not get answers from me, know that I may have died… That God will keep me safe!

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