Why do we need to tweet for every mass shooting?

mass shooting

Guns are not the problem. America is a set of 50 states that united on the basis that the federal government wouldn’t interfere in state politics. You cannot take their weapons away as it is their right, it says so in the constitution. In fact the founding fathers deemed it so important, it is only second ro the freedom of expression.

Guns don't kill people

Let’s all honor the victims by
1. Locking up our guns
2. Turning in our assault weapons
3. Donating to an organization that helps victims or promotes responsible gun ownership.
4. Electing a Congress and a President that is not afraid of the NRA

Don’t worry ! US army is abroad to protect US citizens from terrorism ! US police forces and FBI, with huge cars, huge guns and a lot of people are in the country to protect citizens from terrorism and criminals. You are in the best country of the world ! 1st economy ! 1st on freedom ! 1st in non-spying allies ! 1st in respect others countries ! 1st in not-shi**y tourists ! You’re safe in US !
Or not.
Soon, the Foreign Affair in other countries will say to their citizens “when you travel in US, please don’t go into churches, shopping malls, schools, bars. Stay away from every crowded places AND from Police (if you’re black, don’t even call the police). You know ? Like Foreign Affair strongly recommend to not visit Somalia or some places in Colombia.

But America great again !! Not yet. America stopped to be great at the end of the WWII, when they knew “we can be the masters of the world”

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