Why do some men refuse to get married?

It really depends on the culture. For example, in western culture (thinking specifically of America), it is risky for a man to marry if he has assets. The laws around marriage and divorce are not to men’s advantage. On top of laws and regulations that are not in their favor, many men have witnessed their parents divorce and their fathers left depressed and lonely, as usually the children are placed with their mothers. It comes down to risk vs reward, like anything else. The era of the prince/princess, happy long marriages, soul mates, etc, has ended in the western and westernized cultures. Not that this is sad, it just is.

However, in non-westernized cultures around the world, men may be more inclined to marry…but that has to do with the men and women not having as many career opportunities, appreciating assets, or quality healthcare. In less financially fortunate places of the world, the “marriage” bond is far more essential for the survival of the community.

Marriage in western culture is no longer needed for the survival of the community…in fact, many argue that marriage leads to the destruction of the community because of the high divorce rates and the terrible impacts divorce has on children’s mental and physical health.

It’s simply risk vs reward. Many men just don’t see the risk being worth the reward…and they don’t even see the reward (i.e. they have observed so many divorces in their culture). If 50% or more of cars blew up after having been driven 10 miles, you would not be driving cars ever again…you’d be happily walking or taking the bus. With 50% or more marriages ending in divorce, the risk is too high for many men.

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