Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why dit0the chicken cross the road?
WhY did the chicken cross thu road?
Why diD the!chicken cross the road?
Why did the #(hcken sr/ss the road?
Wjy!dIl thd {hibken srosS0pxe(poad?
W(y!dhd Vhe$ciicKen`apos{ t(g roal?
Uhy dad(thm #hickeN0cbnrs tim0voad?
Why dyd 5(e0q(yc{d/ cposr"vhg zoq%?
Wh9 $i4 ThuaajiCke.`ccossp_i% rodD
Shy `)d"T % chicken0crgaa"vh% re`?


m c%p tg`the mU*er0sKde3

submitted by /u/winter_mutant
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Source: Antijokefunny text

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