Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Ending, Defined

The tense Mexican mystery drama ‘Who Killed Sara’ returns for its much-awaited second season and, proper off the bat, places audiences within the middle of a tangle of questions and solutions. Selecting up instantly after the season 1 cliffhanger, the place we see Alex Guzman unearth a corpse from his yard, the maiden episode of season 2 solutions some very pertinent questions that followers of the present have undoubtedly been desirous to know extra about.

Nevertheless, with the scope of Alex’s hunt for his sister’s killer now increasing outdoors the Lazcano household, we’re confronted with a mystery that is deeper and more complex than earlier than. Let’s see what we are able to glean from ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 episode 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 episode 1 opens with the present’s namesake Sara having a panic assault at house. As her mom and good friend, Marifer, attempt to calm her, Sara pushes previous them, injuring Marifer within the course of. We then see a well-recognized scene from the earlier season of Rodolfo coming to select Sara up in his yellow jeep. As seen earlier, Sara leaves with him and Alex in tow, however we now know of the ominous scenario that performed out simply earlier than.

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Again within the current day, Alex is frightened that the corpse unearthed in his yard will lead to him being despatched again to jail. He additionally grapples with the brand new data that Sara was mentally disturbed and had violent tendencies. Her outdated psychiatrist, who Alex tracks down, confirms that Sara suffered from extreme paranoid schizophrenia and was able to violence. Our protagonist now finds himself attempting to determine not simply who killed his sister but additionally whether or not his sister attacked and even killed somebody as a result of her sickness.

Alex’s different large concern is the corpse present in his yard, which hasn’t been recognized. Nevertheless, the coroner tells him that the reason for loss of life was an expertly shot bullet to the top. Immediately suspecting Cesar for his identified prowess at looking, Alex makes a cope with Cesar’s colleague to ambush him at an empty amusement park.

Who Killed Sara Season 2 Episode 1 Ending: Is Elisa Useless?

In the meantime, we see Mariana go to Elroy within the hospital. She commends him for all the time following her orders, together with chopping the straps on Sara’s parachute. To her shock, Elroy admits that he didn’t reduce them, primarily saying that it was not him however another person who’s accountable for Sara’s loss of life. We then see Cesar and his colleague Sergio coming into the abandoned amusement park, the place Alex ambushes them with a drone, claiming that they’re being recorded.

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Alex additionally exposes Cesar’s monetary data and tells them that the tax authorities are headed to Cesar’s on line casino to audit him. Enraged, Cesar makes an attempt to shoot Alex however is hampered because the latter has boobytrapped the park. Instantly, Elisa, who has adopted Alex, seems and runs after him, not figuring out that Alex has left a bomb in his path. As each Alex and Cesar watch helplessly from both aspect, Elisa runs into the blast radius of the bomb proper as it’s set to blow up and disappears inside a fiery inferno.

True to its kind, the opening episode of ‘Who Killed Sara’ season 2 opens with a really consequential cliffhanger. The large explosion triggered by Alex, aside from giving us a touch about simply how far he’s prepared to go, additionally induces what could be a serious turning level within the story. Elisa, regardless of serving to Alex, remains to be very valuable to Don Cesar, who already has a deep dislike for Alex. Therefore, if his daughter is killed by way of Alex’s actions, it’s really chilling to consider how the sadistic Don Cesar would possibly react.

Nevertheless, what are the probabilities that Elisa is killed within the explosion? There isn’t any approach to inform aside from finding out her function within the general story and what the repercussions of her loss of life could be. We all know that if she dies, all hell will break free, and Don Cesar will greater than doubtless go on a rampage. Alex may even need to go on the run to flee the police as he could be held accountable for Elisa’s homicide.

This might put an unbelievable quantity of strain on Alex and decelerate his investigation into his sister’s homicide vastly. It might additionally, almost certainly, set the Lazcano brothers, who’ve regularly begun to aspect with Alex, squarely towards him once more. All of this is able to take the story in an entire new course, and this may increasingly mark the explosive starting of season 2. Nevertheless, there may be nonetheless a big risk of Elisa surviving, which might permit Alex to kind of get again to discovering solutions to all of the questions that hang-out him (and the viewers).

Did Sara Kill Somebody?

We get to be taught lots about Sara within the season 2 opening episode, presumably greater than we did in your complete first season. Ever since discovering her disturbing private diary, Alex delves deeper into Sara’s psychological state, one thing he had to this point neglected. He, and the viewers, discover out that Sara is schizophrenic and has sociopathic tendencies. Her physician additionally recounts to Alex the episode from Sara’s sixth birthday celebration when she virtually murdered one other little one.

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Since Sara had murderous tendencies from a really younger age, we might not even know the person who Sara killed, if she did kill somebody. For now, the physique present in Alex’s yard, whose location Sara had recorded in her diary, appears to be the almost certainly candidate for somebody whose loss of life Sara was concerned in. Nevertheless, we should stay open to the chance that Sara might have killed one or a number of folks in her youthful days as effectively.

Who Does Alex Suspect Now?

Alex’s overarching mission of investigating those who he suspects of killing his sister continues, and now he has to unravel the extra thriller of the lifeless physique in his yard. So far as Sara’s killer is worried, Alex is unable to pinpoint any suspects after the massive quantity of latest info he receives about Sara’s psychological state. For the time being, he’s involved with discovering out extra about his sister’s previous, which he believes will assist him discover her killer.

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As for the physique present in his yard, after studying that the reason for loss of life was an expertly shot bullet, he confronts Don Cesar, who he believes dedicated the homicide, and hid the physique. Alex is unable to get a solution from him and continues to suspect him. Don Cesar additionally mentions in passing that he “saved” Alex’s sister’s life. This, like most issues about Don Cesar, has a really ominous ring to it, and although it doesn’t look like an act of contrition, it factors to the chance that Don Cesar is holding some secrets and techniques about Sara.

Did Nicandro Kill Sara?

Moreover, unbeknownst to Alex, Elroy admits to Mariana that he didn’t observe her orders of chopping the straps on Sara’s parachute. This tells us for a indisputable fact that Mariana had the intention of killing Sara. Nevertheless, her shocked response to Elroy additionally tells us that now, with Elroy not being the assassin, even she is at a loss for who might have killed Sara. The character in focus on this episode is Nicandro, the Lazcano brothers’ rich childhood good friend.

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He’s disagreeable and spoilt and appears down on Sara and her brothers’ comparatively modest look, one thing that Sara seen. We later see Nicandro provide Sara medication, and although it’s left unknown whether or not she consumes them, Nicandro comes throughout as a suspicious character. He’s additionally seen selecting up the knife dropped by Elroy close to the boat, simply earlier than Sara’s loss of life. With all of the Lazcano household, even Mariana as much as a level, cleared of quick suspicion, for now, it seems like Nicandro may very well be Sara’s killer. Future episodes will inform us whether or not we’re proper or not.

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