Who is the laziest person in history

lazy firefighter

The laziest person in history, didn’t make history, because he or she was too lazy to do anything.

This Guy Just Won The Laziest Human Award
Laziest Person in the History of Mankind

A lazy person is through most important person in the world. Lazy people often develop more efficient means to complete a repetitive or boring task. Without lazy people, we wouldn’t have computer programs. We wouldnt have automated anything! So celebrate the genius that is the lazy person…because without him, our lives would be too tedious to live!

There was a guy in E. Tallassee, Alabama who was sitting on his front porch and a traveling salesman came up. The salesman said, “Where is the Smith place?”. The guy pointed with his toe. The salesman said, “If you can show me a lazier gesture, I will give you five dollars.” The guy on the porch replied, “Put it in my pocket”.

Q – Who is the laziest person ever?

A – A naked man on top of a naked woman,waiting for an earthquake. 😉

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