Where are they now? Alexis Jordan Edition

Alexis Jordan appeared on the first season of America’s Got Talent, after being eliminated she started uploading covers on her youtube cover. Shortly after she was scouted by Jay-Z & the producers StarGate Resulting in her getting signed to StarRoc..
Alexis got more success in the UK than in the US.
Here are a couple of bops

Overall the album received negative to mixed reviews, critics say it sounded like Rihanna tracks. (LBR Jay-Z was obsessed with finding the next Rihanna)

Where is she now?
After the release of her first album in 2010 and going on a tour she released the lead single ‘Gone’ for her supposed second album in 2014. The single departed from the pop sound she had for a weird hiphop-ish sound.

The single failed to chart and Alexis was dropped from her label.

Since then she hasn’t released any new music, she has settled down and has 3 children.

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ONTD, does youtube recommend you music from people you have completely forgotten about to the point it makes you search up where are they now?