What’s the point of the female orgasm

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Male orgasm as comfortable as it feels is intended to plant seeds. The shape of the penis is to help make it easier. It extends with a pointed end to help push itself and plant the seeds in an optimal place (vagina if you are wondering). But the seeds have a VERY short age and are very fragile.

A woman’s body is a garden that waits for the seed. His body was designed to help in receiving and planting the seeds. However, female orgasm is largely useless.

Simple … a woman can get pregnant without ever having an orgasm. So what’s the point of female orgasm? Well it actually functions as a kind of accelerant. Every time a woman has an orgasm, her reproductive system pumps faster. This is actually all in an effort to immediately get the seeds from the entry point to the point of interest. For this reason, women are able to have multiple orgasms in one go. Even many at once. His body greedily wants to receive seeds.

From a survival perspective, it means that as long as a woman can reach a state of orgasm, even men with weak or low sperm counts can still produce offspring.

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