What’s intelligence? Intelligence is the innate capacity to carry out cognitive duties, each easy and sophisticated


  • Intelligence isn’t synonymous with success, accomplishment, affect, or originality.
  • Intelligence isn’t frequent sense or good judgement.
  • Intelligence doesn’t decide how worthwhile a human being is, so there actually is not any motive for all this politically appropriate bullshit and denial of the plain fact that some individuals are merely extra clever than different individuals.
  • Intelligence isn’t synonymous with information, expertise, or expertise.
  • Not all types of expertise and skills are equal as proof of intelligence. Sorry, however the common drug seller is just not as clever as the typical math professor. I do not care how good he’s at drug dealing, how a lot cash he pulls in, or what number of supermodels he sleeps with.
  • One particular person could be extra clever than one other particular person even when the latter has many expertise, skills, and accomplishments over the previous.
  • Intelligence isn’t purely what’s measured by IQ exams though IQ exams measure intelligence higher than some other sorts of exams.
  • Intelligence isn’t purely “e book smarts”. Human intelligence elevated over thousands and thousands of years of evolution. Intelligence helped our ancestors take care of the challenges of the hunter-gatherer life-style. It additionally gave them inventive and inventive capacity, which helped them entice mates. Intelligence continues to be helpful at present for coping with the challenges of day-to-day life (and in addition for attracting mates).

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