What would Donald Trump’s full title be

Grabber of Pussies, Betrayer of Allies, Mocker of POWs and the Disabled, He Who Bellows “Read the Transcript!” when it is in fact A Confession of His Crimes, Groveling Satrap of Putin, Erdogan and MBS, Least Transparent, Most Crooked, History-Challenged and Constitutionally-Impaired, Promoter of Illiberal Democracy, Thugocracy and Kleptocracy, Enemy of the Environment and Planet Earth, Benedict Arnold-in-Chief, Friend to the North Korean and Iranian Nuclear Programs, Guardian and Benefactor of the Public Bigotry, Fount of Cruelty For Its Own Sake, Lobber of Paper Towels at Hurricane Victims, Cyber-Bully Supreme, Torturer of Refugee Children, Apprentice and Heir to the Methods of Roy Cohn, the Biggest and Most Amazing Loser of Family Fortunes, Wannabe Gangsta, Fake University Chancellor, Emperor of Lies

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