What United Kingdom Does not Have


1. Official Language (even tho it is the home of the most widely spoken language) United Kingdom has no official language. The U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand also have this in common, they too have no official language. Scotland and Wales both eager to seperate themselves from English Identity both list English as an Official Language.

2. National Anthem United Kingdom has no official national anthem, whilst other countries enforce an anthem, often singing about the country and its past and telling some sort of story about that country, whilst thinking the anthem is unique as it is about “one” story or place.

England is unique and simply doesn’t care, it does not need to sing about itself and tell the world who it is and where it came from. Everyone has heard of England.

This ironically makes the anthem “God Save The Queen” (the official British anthem) the most unique anthem of them all, furthering our pride.

God Save The Queen” is not really about anything, asking a god that about 60% of the population don’t believe in, to save a Queen that only has a place as head of state because the people allow it, is somewhat humourous when compared to serious national anthems that tell a 5 minute story, that no one outside of that country cares about.

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This not a lack of pride but statement of fierce pride. We are so proud, we don’t need to sing a song about England while you’re all listening.

Side-note: As Scotland and Wales claim they don’t get noticed, and don’t get their way, they opt to use their own anthem and not the British one, ironically meaning they have had their way when England has not, not that England cares.

A Couple of side facts involving the United Kingdom i would like to add (in good humour or humor, and not intended to offend our friends across the pond).

Transatlantic fact:

The Music for the American National Anthem is British, the words are written in English, about a war the U.S.A started against the British Empire in 1812.

A War the United States did not win. In this war many important goverment buildings in Washington D.C were burned to the ground or largely destroyed by fire, most notable the presidents home or as it is called today the White House.

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The words of the anthem are from this war. The beginning verse says “Jose can you see by the dawns early light……….. THAT OUR FLAG IS STILL THERE”. Proud that a piece of cloth attached to stick in the ground was still there, is sung with absolute pride by Americans, it served as signal that they would not be defeated, however it is funny that it stands as such a symbol, escpecially as it was the only thing still there, and especially when the White House had been partially burned down. It was re-painted white and named the White House (over 100 years later) because white paint was used to cover burnt walls, even though it had always been white anyway (subconsious American racism for you). Capitol Building was burned down by British Troops, the National Library, or Library of Congress and the Supreme Court were also targetted. Canadians also set fire to the Capitol. (Yep that’s right, your “Pussy” friends in the north lol)

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British Troops arrived fresh from practice, having been fighting Napolean in Europe, easily over powered the American Military an easily took control of Washington D.C but only stayed in the city for about 24 hours causing absolute destruction of Governement Property, leaving civilian property alone.

Isn’t it funny that the American National Anthem is about this war, a war that almost started a trend for American Military Campaigns fought alone, they started a war they could not finish.

Anyhow back to the Anthem, it is sung with such pride, pride they had survived, not been victories but survived, and yet it carries the pride of a nation. In reality the Flag was the only thing still there, and now they pledge alligence to it, as a symbol of their country. They pledge alligence to piece of cloth on a stick.

Kind of funny really considering the war was a disaster, and not really something to take pride from. Think about this when you see them hand on heart, stood tall singing lol.