What the Doctor Says and What the Doctor Means

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“Okay, what do we have here …”
Because he doesn’t have the foggiest idea of ​​what it is, Doctor
hope you will give him instructions.

“We will see later.”
“First, I have to check my malpractice insurance.”

“Let me check your medical history.”
“I want to see if you have paid the final bill before spending it
more time with you. ”

“Why don’t we make an appointment later this week.”
“I played golf this afternoon, and this will take too long.”
“I need money, so I charge you for another office visit.”

“I really can’t recommend seeing a chiropractor.”
“I hate people who pay our fees.”

Because he didn’t know what to do, he tried
look wise while hoping the nurse will interrupt.
(Proctologist also says a lot of this.)

“We have good news and bad news.”
The good news is that he will buy the new BMW, and the bad news
You will pay for it.

“Let’s see how it develops.”
“Maybe in a few days it will grow into something that can be cured.”

“Let me schedule you for some tests.”
“I have 40% interest in the lab.”

“I want my partner to see you.”
“He has a messy divorce and owes me a lot.”

“How are we today?”
“I feel great. You, on the other hand, look like hell.”

“I want to prescribe a new drug.”
“I’m writing a paper and want to use you for guinea.”

“If it goes wrong in a week, call me.”
“I don’t know what that is. Maybe it will disappear by itself.”

“That’s an unpleasant looking wound.”
“I thought I’d throw up.”

“This might be a little smart.”
“Last week two patients bit their tongues.”

“Well, today we’re not feeling well, right?”
“I can’t remember your name, or why you are here.”

“This should upset you.”
“The drug seller guarantees all symptoms are killed.”

“Everything seems normal.”
“I don’t think I can buy that new beach condo.”

“I want to do a few more tests.”
“I don’t know what’s wrong. Maybe the child in the lab can
solve this one. ”

“Do you think all this stress can affect your nerves?”
He thinks you’re crazy and hopes to find a psychiatrist
who will share the costs.

“Why don’t you come out of your belongings.”
“I don’t enjoy this more than you do, but I have to warm myself up
my fingers rose somehow. ”
“I’m not laughing all day.”

“If the symptoms persist, call to make an appointment.”
“I’ve never heard such a disgusting thing. Thank God I’m on vacation
next week.”

“There’s a lot going on around.”
“God, that’s the third this week. I’d better learn something
about this.

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