What should you never buy in life

dont buy
dont buy

1. Movie tickets on a Sunday evening : People often pay double or triple the cost on a Sunday evening movie show causing a big burn in their pocket. So guys, think before you start for it. The movie on any day morning to evening is the same; let’s make it pocket friendly too if possible.

2. Whole year of membership at Gym : Almost 90% of people are able to sustain at gym for maximum 3 -4 months and lose their interest afterward. So better take 3 months of membership if you are a new joinee otherwise there are high chances that you will waste your money by taking whole year of membership.

3. Beer for celebration : Ask a question to yourself: How many celebrations do you want in your life? 1)Some 2)many or 3)too many. If your answer is 1st then you must go for beer. If its 2 or 3 then my friend remember one thing, Beer can never be a way or habit or a high standard of celebration. Alcohol was , it is and will always be dangerous to our health. If You need more celebrations in life then you need to be fit to enjoy it. Choose many healthy options to celebrate your life and you will get so many healthy celebration in life.

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4. 1st class ticket of local train in Mumbai : Talking of the actual scenario, During peak hours train is fully crowed with people and it doesn’t make sense to face a huge crowd by paying triple the cost for your journey.

5. Uber or Taxi for a shorter distance : Always prefer a walk rather than Uber or taxi for a shorter distance. It will keep you healthy and wealthy. Your single decision saves your money and fuel for a nation.

6. No need to buy anything for someone when you are happy : Do not commit anything whenever you are extremely happy because that moment you only think by your heart not by mind. Remember people do take advantage of your happiness and it often costs you heavily.

7. A women at brothel : A Gentleman should always behave like a gentleman throughout his life. Your true love waits out there not at the brothel.

8. Sale Sale Sale : Everyone must be familiar with these words at a shopping Mall. We make great purchases even when there is no need of those item. People do not realise that they often spend 90% amount to get 10% discount.

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9. Food from outside when there is tiffin already in your bag : Think about your mother , wife who gets up so early in the morning to prepare a meal for you with all that love and affection . Every single day those ladies make tiffin with same enthusiasm.

10. Do not buy your fortune before your hard work : My friends, In your life you will get a success instantly but remember it will not remain longer. You must pay the price for your every fortune.

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