What made Cleopatra so desirable?

what made cleopatra so desirable
what made cleopatra so desirable

She was a lady who knew the way to play her cards right. quite anything, Cleopatra was one smart cookie. Was she an excellent beauty, was she spectacularly pretty on the extent of a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Not exactly. But she was incredibly intelligent, alluring, had a way of favor and knew the way to appeal any man she encountered. sort of a chameleon, she could adapt to her surroundings and make herself into the very image of femininity and desire.

When seducing Caesar , Cleopatra made use of her wit the maximum amount as her youth and fairly attractiveness . She wasn’t an excellent looker, her nose rather large for her face, but she was young, slender and well-dressed.

She was also royalty. And no, not just any royalty — she was a descendants of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, also as Ptolemy I… Ptolemy being one among Alexander the Greats finest generals and most loyal allies, who married into Egyptian nobility and commenced its last dynasty.

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Now if there’s ONE thing you want to realize the times of Cleopatra, it’s that Alexander was just about a God among men. His legacy was eternal, it had been unbreakable, incredibly powerful. Little boys grew up wishing to be like Alexander, the way little boys today might dream of being Superman.

But Alexander died without surviving legitimate offspring, his dynasty died with him. Ptolemy’s descendants in Egypt were as close as any living Roman could get to Alexander. She knew this. And Caesar himself sure knew it, too — he himself was cognizant of the facility of bloodlines, and had always prided himself in being a descendant of a God himself.

So Cleopatra flaunted her looks, her body, draped within the finest of garments , and peppered her speech with the wittiest and slyest of remarks… all the while knowing that her every word and move was made infinitely more memorable by the very fact that the status she had was astronomical, much more noble than any Roman of the day…

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Hers was a wealthy nation, an ancient nation, as rich in resources and culture because it was in history, gold and produce. This certainly didn’t help but certainly the Romans could have taken it all from her without her remaining during a position of power. it had been her charisma , however, that kept her where she was.

Above all, she was a Queen. Pharaoh of Egypt. And what man wouldn’t pinch himself to see if he wasn’t dreaming, as he found himself cavorting around in silken sheets with a living Goddess, the ruler of an ancient dynasty with a history so magnificent it made Rome look rather bland in comparison?