What is a common Arabic joke?

Bessi / Pixabay

An Arab woman found a magic lamp, she rubbed it passionately. Immediately an enormous and terrifying genie rose out of the magic lamp saying:

“I’m your slave, I can make three wishes of yours come true, but I have only one condition”

woman: what is your condition?

genie: You should know that your husband will get ten times what you get.

woman: I agree.

genie: what is your first wish ma’am?

woman: I wish you give me $ 100 million, you know, I want to be a millionaire.

genie: Be careful, your husband will be a billionaire, he will get a billion dollars!

woman: Never mind, I love my husband.

genie: Well, what is your second wish?

woman: I wish to be a very beautiful woman.

genie: Be careful ma’am, your husband will be ten times prettier than you, he might become the women’s idol.

woman: No problem, according to sharia law, my husband is entitled to marry four women.

genie: As you wish, what is your third wish?

woman: This is the most important wish and I hope you do it precisely. I wish to get a very very very mild stroke.

plot twist: the husband got a stroke ten times milder than his wife.

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