Well-Known The “!1” Phenomenon

!1: Element of punctuation used by morons in place of the period, the full stop, that little dot near the L key.

“!1” Phenomenon is sparsely documented typo

“!1” Phenomenon is sparsely documented typo

The typo is most commonly iterated as a string of exclamation points postfixed with one or more “1” at the end:

“I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!11111”

Occasionally, the postfix “1” may be spelled out in letters (“one”) for humorous effect. In cases of extreme sarcasm, other numbers or prerequisite keys like “shift” are used alternately with “one.”

“LOL awesome!!!111one11eleven”


In many cases, a string of exclamation marks followed by “1” can be read as a careless typo, though it has been increasingly used with intention to express a sense of urgency or excitement. It is considered part of leetspeak, an alternative alphabet for the English-speaking internet users.