Weirdos in a cell

OK so these people are the most weirdest fucking looney people I have seen. They are all under arrest and held. I am NOT naming their charges. Guy number one was a bearded old dude with a tattoo, looked homeless. Guy didn’t even wear a mask. And he slept on the dirty floor when they put him inside the holding cell. He was coughing like crazy and spitting on the floor. And every few minutes he was just screaming AYOOO AYOOOO. Later he was taken by an ambulance cause he didn’t stop coughing. He comes back a couple hours later from the ambulance I hear him outside screaming AYOO. Here’s some more weirdos I saw in this other cell. This bald guy was sleeping on the bench. He used his shoes as a pillow. He took a bunch of random tissues from the floor and put them on his shoes for cushioning. He also wiped his nose with his jacket. Some hours later. I hear squeaking noises. And I see this dude chewing on his shoes with his eyes closed. And he does this for quite some time. Then we got this other guy sleeping on this bench. Dude looks homeless and is wearing torn up clothes. Dudes pants is all the way down and his naked ass is showing. Like his pants are completely down. Dude is still sleeping but he is farting constantly while sleeping. I see him wake up to go take a piss and he farts every single time he takes a piss. He takes a piss and farts and goes back to sleep. Then we got this one dude who’s not really a weirdo, but was dangerously angry. Wanted to beat up everyone in the room cause they was taking too long with his case. Started cursing. Yelling at the other inmates. Banging walls. He thought he deserved good service but he was in for some serious shit.

  Man tips for all women

Bonus: this is a guy I saw on the train. This one crazy dude who came in the train started cursing at the women saying don’t fucking touch me. Keep your hands off me. Yous a bitch. He came in from one side. No one was talking to this dude. He started cursing at women randomly saying he won’t be touched. He doesn’t want to be touched. He said he’s keeping an eye on these bitches as he’s walking through the train. And then he went to the next train car.

Bonus 2: saw a guy play a tramboline with a trash bag as a cape and some kind of squire looking hat. He’s probably not crazy, and maybe he’s a sane guy who just doing this for entertainment. And to make spare change. Idk for sure. It’s not really crazy as it was pretty interesting.

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