Weird things that happen in movies

action movie

When you’re arrested:
– You’re not necessarily immediately read the Miranda Warning (i.e. “You have the right to remain silent…”). This only has to be stated before you’re being interrogated.
– You don’t have the right to one phone call. You have the right to have someone informed of your whereabouts. That’s it.

Real police detectives:
– Don’t give two flying hoots about a criminal’s “motive”.
– Never use “good cop/bad cop” when they’re interrogating you.

In real life, in court:
– It’s common for there to be no legible fingerprints.
– There’s usually no DNA evidence. (Unfortunately juries often don’t know this, and expect everything to be like on TV. This ignorance is a serious problem and is known as the “CSI Effect”.)

When you’re shot:
– It’s impossible for the force of the bullet to knock you off your feet, let alone fly through the air.
– A shot to the head doesn’t automatically equal instant death.

action movie

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