We All Knew Victorian England Was Creepy, However We Didn’t Know It Was THIS Creepy

Life in Victorian England was no picnic. It was tough, chilly, and often foggy. To outlive, you needed to be robust and have a robust abdomen. Issues weren’t simply robust, although. On a regular basis life in Victorian England was additionally actually creepy. How creepy? Nicely, let’s see…

1.) Freak Reveals.

1.) Freak Shows.


In our fashionable age, we glance again at these Victorian-era freak reveals as barbaric. On the time, although, there have been few different types of leisure, so freak reveals have been extraordinarily widespread. The sights have been often fairly fascinating for a world with out Web, like this girl born with no legs.

2.) The Gothic Novel.

2.) The Gothic Novel.


We take the concept of the Gothic Novel with no consideration lately, however throughout Victorian instances, it was a totally new style of fiction. This time interval gave us numerous creepy classics like Dracula, The Unusual Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and the disturbing works of Edgar Allen Poe.

3.) Surgical procedure.

3.) Surgery.


As you most likely guessed, surgical procedure in Victorian instances was elementary at greatest. There have been no painkillers or electrical gear, and one in 4 sufferers died following surgical procedure. Not solely that, however amputations have been additionally frequent. Break a leg or an arm? You have been extra prone to have it amputated than set in a solid.

4.) Meals.

4.) Food.


Even the meals in Victorian England was creepy. Victorians have been well-known for consuming just about each a part of the animal. For at this time’s fashionable foodie, this may not sound too unhealthy. For the common individual, the considered consuming animal brains frequently might sound a bit of unusual.

5.) Vignettes.

5.) Vignettes.


With out radios or televisions to entertain themselves, the Victorian higher lessons turned to a really unusual pastime often called vignettes. This may contain family and friends dressing up in loopy costumes to pose for each other. Simply image your mother and father dressing up as Greek wooden nymphs after which inform me that’s not terribly creepy.

6.) Pea-Soupers.

6.) Pea-Soupers.


Pea-soupers have been the notoriously thick fogs that might repeatedly coat the streets of London in the course of the Victorian period. The thick fog was a mix of smoke from coal fires and the moisture within the air from the River Thames. This made just about each side of Victorian life in London creepy.

7.) Poorhouses.

7.) Poorhouses.


These locations have been principally hell on Earth. Folks with no place else to go would find yourself at a poorhouse. Usually, they have been filthy and overcrowded. Should you have been dwelling in a poorhouse, you have been additionally anticipated to work to contribute to the price of your dwelling there. It wasn’t unusual to see complete households dwelling in poorhouses in the course of the Victorian period.

8.) Jack the Ripper.

8.) Jack the Ripper.


No single individual (in addition to perhaps Queen Victoria) influenced the Victorian period greater than Jack the Ripper. This vicious serial killer used the duvet of the thick London fog to savagely homicide no less than 5 prostitutes within the metropolis’s East Finish. Regardless of a police manhunt and a media sensation, the ripper was by no means caught.

9.) Demise Images.

9.) Death Photography.


That is one thing we’ve written about earlier than, however that doesn’t make it any much less creepy. When a cherished one would die in Victorian England, the household would typically have an image of the physique taken. Nonetheless, the creepiness is amplified as a result of the household would often pose with the lifeless corpse. Photographers would additionally make use of a spread of tips to make it seem as if the physique have been nonetheless alive.

10.) Queen Victoria Herself.

10.) Queen Victoria Herself.


The creepiest side of the Victorian Period in England needs to be Queen Victoria herself. After her husband Albert died in 1861, Queen Victoria went into mourning for the remainder of her life. She by no means once more set foot in London. The specter of her grief solid a shadow throughout all of Britain in these years. When she did lastly cross away, London was coated in white and purple as a result of she disliked the colour black at funerals.

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…it’s time to be glad about life in 2015!

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