Watch where you are going

Watch where you are going

Watch where you are going

Watch where you are going from WTF

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35 thoughts on “Watch where you are going

  1. boggyboarding08 says:

    I guarantee 99% car owner never found out who did that

  2. legionaryexes61 says:

    Poor black Nissan’s paint. Hope the repairs aren’t gonna cause inconvenience to the owner.

  3. TerranPhil says:

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Or left for that matter looking at the video.

  4. Afterlifehappydeath says:

    How is this WTF?

  5. theBigLeFartski says:

    Yeah I usually just let people pass when I’m biking because I’m not a fucking car

  6. Tired of videos cutting out the second something happens

  7. Arnoldthehawk says:

    the guy was doomed, if not the car, the forklift would have stopped him

  8. RonFlocks says:

    Backstory here is that guy stole the bike, the guy filming saw him do it and followed him. He deserved it all

  9. smellybigfoot says:

    Can anyone tell what they say? I feel it’d make it even funnier.

  10. People hating on cyclists in here, this guy isn’t a cyclist he’s a chav on a bike he stole.

  11. Dick move to drive this close. Putting the cyclists life at risk.

  12. Monkfishdaddy says:

    I’d be annoyed if somebody was driving that close to me on my bike

  13. This is fucking hilarious

  14. RoofedSnail says:

    Get your 6 pound vehicle out of the way of the two thousand pound one.

  15. BeautifulSwine says:

    God: I don’t like what that guy on the bike is doing.

  16. snipe4fun says:


  17. God I hate bikes… they do this on a 60 and it’s like buddy let me pass… yes Im riding up your ass since if I go any slower my 1st and 2 gear will break

  18. MinecraftGuy79 says:

    Karma well deserved

  19. datfreeman says:

    Clearly fake, that guy didn’t even try to avoid the car

  20. He could have made that turn but he fixated on the car

  21. Perhaps the cyclist has ambitions for getting taken out by a spectator in the Tour de France.

  22. Dracasethaen says:

    This might be the most bicyclist thing I’ve seen a bicyclist do today.

  23. And he still managed to block the road

  24. DoskyVenom says:

    Should be in r/instantkarma

  25. Lord_Peeches says:

    That cyclist had plenty of time to react and avoid that. That was just poor reflexes

  26. >Curve right in front of me.
    >Better turn around and throw a quick curse at fucker behind me.
    >Curve is nearer than it appeared.

  27. ickusforprez says:

    Officer Dangle, reporting for duty.

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