Watch MyPillow Guy Talk to ‘President Donald Trump’ in Painfully Embarrassing Prank Call

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Mike Lindell got to chat live with President Donald Trump on his telethon on Monday… or at least he thought so for a few excruciatingly painful seconds.

The MyPillow CEO was hosting a 48-hour “Frankathon” to promote his new social media platform — Frank — when he received word that his idol had just called in to show his support.

“Breaking news here, with a guest,” the show’s host announced, as Lindell excitedly greeted the caller “Hello?”

“Hello, yes I’ve Mr Trump on standby, are you ready?” the ‘staffer’ confirmed over the phone. “Go ahead sir.”

“Hello everyone,” came the voice of the former ‘Commander-in-Chief’.

“We have the President here, our real President everyone!” Lindell gushed down the phone. “Hello Mr President?”

But sadly, all was not as it seemed.

After a wince-inducing pause, the caller’s heavy English accent suddenly spilled out as he roared an advertisement for a British prank call show.

“ b—hes,!!” the NOTUS exclaimed, while Lindell visibly died inside.

As he scrambled to cut the caller off before any more profanities could emerge, the disappointment in his face was quickly replaced by steely resolution. “Alright I just got Munsoned I guess,” he said, not using the “Kingpin” figure of speech not-entirely correctly.

“You see what they’re doing? They’re attacking us, they’re attacking us,” he said. “They’re hacking into our phones.”

As many pointed out amid the laughter on Twitter, it wasn’t so much a “hack”, as it was simply dialing a number and claiming to be someone else.

Later in the show he would fall for a second prank call from a “Wall St Journal reporter,” who made it through to the show to pass on the bad news that his colleague had just dropped dead from a drug overdose a few moments ago:

Lindell had a busy day besides on Monday; he announced he is counter-suing Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6billion, in response to their $1.3billion suit against him for defamation, after his repeated claims the company had rigged the election in favor of Joe Biden.

His Frank social media platform was supposed to launch on Monday also, but was held back by “attacks,” presumably by the same people who were “hacking” the phones, maybe.

The site was set up in the wake of his being kicked off other social media platforms such as twitter for spreading misinformation, and boasts a core principal of free speech, per the Daily Beast. Except there’s no lying allowed. Or Porn. Or Swearing. Or using the Lord’s name in vain.

Ubiquitous TV ads aside, Lindell has never been more visible as he was during the pandemic, from the bizarre free Rose Garden pillow commercial President Trump permitted him while he was supposed to be addressing the nation about Covid, to his even weirder return to the White House carrying notes that suggesting martial law options.

Meanwhile, Macron Show‘s Ron Blackman confirmed to TooFab he was indeed the prankster behind the call.

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