Walmart is working with the government to turn it’s locations into FEMA prisons

For those who don’t know, “FEMA” stands for the “U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency”. This agency is responsible for devising plans of action in case of a giant nationwide emergency.

It’s hard to imagine that Walmart could be the center of a conspiracy but then again..I guess it really isn’t all that surprising since there are conspiracies about almost everything these days. Back in 2016, Walmart announced that they would be closing 269 stores around the world, 154 in the US alone. Affecting some 16,000 workers, it seemed odd and out of nowhere. Some workers claim that some closings were so abrupt that they had no warnings of any kind. Some reasons the company have given for the closings range from “corporate restructuring” to remodeling. The conspiracy theory is that Walmart is actually working with/for the government to turn these sites into FEMA prison camps. And that the quick closing of so many stores is so that construction can begin to convert the buildings into camps. Along with this theory is that there are secret tunnels being constructed underneath Walmarts connecting them to other “Walmart camps” all over the country. To my knowledge, this conspiracy is relatively new but fascinating none the less.

US Fema Concentration Camps In Case Of Martial Law

FEMA CAMPS are being setup in Walmart!!!

U.S Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is planning, The FEMA camps theory is a conspiracy theory that the

US Citizens Will Be Imprisoned in concentration camps. Martial law disaster Crisis.

Fema Responds To Major Distasters, Established By Jimmy Carter 1979.

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