Vitality Air – You can make money by selling air

Vitality Air

The Canadian start-up company Vitality Air is compressing the fresh air from the Rocky Mountains, bottles it up, and sells it for you to enjoy. To dispel any doubts you might be having right now, their website states:

The downside is that this 3L air bottle (which costs 23 dollars, by the way) only lasts for 80 inhalations. As we breathe about 12–20 times per minute, this bottle will be used up in about 5 minutes (I’m taking the mean, which is 16 breaths per minute). This means you would have to spend 276 dollars to enjoy 1 hour of fresh Canadian air, and 6,624 dollars to keep inhaling this wonderful air for a whooping 24 hours. (Frankly, I think a trip to Canada would cost less, and you would also have the chance to do some sightseeing in addition to breathing fresh air, but that’s just my advice.)

Apparently there is a market for this, though. As you may already know, there is a big air pollution problem is Chinese cities, and it turns out some Chinese people are quite interested in purchasing fresh mountain air from Canada


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