Vibrant Doors Illustrated The Most Ridiculous Health And Safety Myths (8 Pics)

We’ve all seen an instance of health and safety gone mad. Whether it’s over-the-top safety guidance or using “health and safety” as an excuse for other concerns, sometimes it just goes too far! Health and safety rules are there to keep us safe, but sometimes people go over the top when it comes to interpreting the guidance.

In this project, Vibrant Doors researched some of the biggest health and safety myths. Using real HSE case data, the team created 8 myth-busting graphics to show off where health and safety concerns have got out of hand! In the well-meaning but comical style of vintage government advisory leaflets, the graphic illustrations bring to life the apparent concerns behind bizarre health and safety claims. From security fences around small ponds to only allowing qualified electricians to change a lightbulb, you can see the myths busted in the graphics below.

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#1 In A Bizarre Misinterpretation, A Housing Association Removed Fire Extinguishers, Wall Signs, And Front Door Mats From A Block Of Flats For ‘Health And Safety Reasons’

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#2 A Property Management Company Once Told Their Odd-Job Man He Could No Longer Change Lightbulbs As ‘Health And Safety’ Required This To Be Done By A Qualified Electrician

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#3 A Housing Company Once Told Residents In A Block Of Flats That Pictures & Ornaments Weren’t Allowed Due To ‘Health And Safety’ As They Risked Falling And Hitting Someone

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#4 In 2004, A Town Removed Hanging Baskets From Lamp Posts Over Safety Fears That The Old Lamp Posts Would Collapse. The Floral Baskets Have Since Been Reinstated

hanging basket 604b9149bec38 700

#5 A Housing Association Once Informed Tenants In A Block Of Flats They Should Seal Their Letterboxes In Case Of A Firebomb Attack, Despite No Cause To Suspect Arson

letterbox 604b914d78d80 700

#6 One Council Attempted To Ban People From Clearing Their Own Driveways From Snow And Ice, Citing It Could Be A ‘Health And Safety Hazard’

snow angel 604b9155015f5 700

#7 A Satellite Dish Company Once Claimed Their Engineers Were Unable To Work After 5 Pm As It Would Be Unsafe And Could Contravene Health And Safety – There Are No Such Rules!

satellite 604b915314b02 700

#8 A Property Management Company Decided A Small Pond Now Needed A Fence Around It For ‘Health And Safety Reasons’, Despite Having Caused No Problems For 25 Years Already

pond 604b91511b2b8 700