Very best Kanye West Jokes together with Puns

Kanye West

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So why did President George M Bush speak out from Kanye West’s actions with the VMAs?
Because he said that “Kanye West doesn’t care about white colored people!”
(Kanye Western stated “George Bush isn’t going to care about black people” soon after Hurricane Katrina)

President Obama called Kanye West the “jackass” for his measures at the 2009 MTV Online video media Music Awards!
Vice President Joe biden later stated “Ahhh, have a tendency worry Kanye you get utilized to it after a while!”

Ellie Kardashian gave birth for you to North West.
Does actually does her vagina is the Nw Passage?

What song have Kanye’s feet make?
Foot Jams

Why are many suitable wing political groups applauding the actions of Kanye Western?
He is the first black artist to screw a young white colored girl then call the woman the next day to apologize!

Exactly why is Kanye West’s haircut truly years of work by many physicians to piece together skull pieces like a jigsaw puzzle?
Mainly because Kanye once interrupted Get rid of Norris on the set of “Walker Texas Ranger”

What is the change between Serena Williams together with Kanye West?
At least Imperturbable has the BALLS to back up the woman statements!

Why is Kanye Western a Gay Fish?
While he likes putting fishsticks in the mouth!

How Swift will be Kanye?
About as Western as Taylor.

I was strolling along with my “worlds finest friend” coffee mug if Kanye West walked right up and slapped it out of my hands
Screaming “Beyonce is the worlds best friend!”

Yo, Jessica im actually happy fo ya together with imma let you finish, yet bart simpson is the best simpson of all time, ALL TIME!

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