Uses for WD-40 : Absolute best lubricant ever!

wd 40
wd 40

When John Glenn circled the earth in 1962, his spacecraft, Friendship VII, was slathered in WD-40 from top to bottom. NASA engineers hoped it would reduce friction upon reentry.

Fun WD-40 Facts

WD-40 is the answer to all problems

Uses for WD-40, the list

Removes grime from book covers.
Prevents mud and clay from sticking to shovels and boots.
Removes grease and oil stains on clothes.
Softens new baseball gloves.
Cleans chrome fixtures in bathrooms.
Makes puck slide faster on a hockey table.
Cleans and softens paint brushes.
Cleans and protects cowboy boots.
Removes crayon from walls, carpet, wall-paper, plastics, shoes, toys, chalkboard, monitors, screen doors, and rock walls.
Eases arthritis pain (spray the painful joint.)
Cleans piano keys.
Removes super strong glue from fingers.
Keeps wicker chairs from squeaking.
Removes scuff marks from ceramic floors.
Cleans and protects copper pots and pans.
Polishes and shines sea shells.
Removes water spots from mirrors.
Removes tea stains from counter tops.
Keeps pigeons off window ledges (they hate the smell).
Removes ink from carpet.
Keeps metal wind chimes rust free.
Prevents mildew growth on outdoor fountains.
Removes gunk from plastic dish drainers.
Cleans dog doo from tennis shoes.
Removes tomato stains from clothing.
Gets ink stains out of leather.
Removes roller-skate marks from kitchen floor.
Unkinks gold chains.
Penetrates frozen mailbox doors.
Removes tar from shoes.
Cleans silver plates and trays.
Removes soap scum in the bathroom 33. Polishes wood.
Takes the squeak out of shoes.
Removes a stuck ring from a finger.
Wipes off graffiti.
Removes Silly Putty from carpet.
Loosens burrs, thistles, and stickers from dogs and horses.
Removes bumper stickers from cars.
Removes duct tape.