Unusual issues banned in North Korea

kim jong un
North Korea greatest Korea


1. Haircut – There are solely 10 authorized haircuts for males and 18 for girls. Married ladies should not allowed to have lengthy hair. No North Korean males are allowed to maintain hair longer than 5 centimeters

2 . Sporting Denims – It symbolises the west – North Korea’s best enemy ! Mainly they’ve banned every part that is associated to western tradition.

3. Accessing Internet – North Korean authorities has utterly banned web. No person besides just a few excessive officers are allowed to entry web. In reality North Korea has its personal model of web referred to as Kwangmyong. contains of roughly 1000 web sites.

4. Non-public Possession of Fax Machines is banned and even shopping for private computer systems requires particular permissions.

5. Porn is banned – No shock.

6. Watching South Korean TV Channels -No Shock Once more!

7. Training Faith – Besides worshiping the expensive chief

8. Restriction on Alcohol – North Koreans can drink solely on particular holidays

9. Driving – Residents are banned from transferring wherever freely within the nation. There are fewer than 11 automobiles per 1000 folks.

10. Enjoying western music is banned

11. Worldwide Calls – Calling a distant relative can get you killed!

12. Travelling Abroad – That is the final word crime a North Korean would do!

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