United States of Whatever – Can’t Spell “Whatever” Without Hate

United States of “Whatever” President Bush Remix

United States of Whatever

America is just as bad under president Donald Trump. They continue to think they are above the law and continue to disrespect all other nations in the world.Some of which are doing much better than the USA.The only thing USA is number 1 at is illiteracy.

The song was released as a single from the album Fake Songs, which was released on April 8, 2003. It was originally produced for his 1997-1999 MTV comedy show, Sifl and Olly, a show that revolved around two sock puppets who performed skits and songs.

It was a jibe at George Bush and his invasion of Iraq, splicing audio of them impersonating George W. Bush over parts of the original song, not to be un-america.

One of the many songs that played on the show was the song United States of Whatever; which premiered in 1999, during the show’s last season.

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