Unique and banned baby names

A lot of parents say they want their baby names to be unique. They think it’s fun and differentiates their child from everyone else, and gives them a Children with unusual  names tend to get a lot of abuse at school but then embrace it when they’re older

Bjork Eidsdottir had no idea when, in naming her newborn girl Blaer , she was breaking the law. In the eyes of the authorities Blaer, which means “light breeze”, was a male name and therefore not approved. It meant that for her entire childhood, Blaer was known simply as “Girl” on official documents. Reykjavik District Court ruled  that it could indeed be a feminine name.

baby namesOne couple named their baby Berlin after the city in which they met, prompting the registrar to mount an objection. He eventually relented after the family’s lawyer pointed out that the courts had allowed the name London.
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Gender confusion prevented a German boy being Matti, because the sex of the baby wouldn’t be obvious.

The name 4Real fell foul of authorities in New Zealand, because names cannot start with a number.

When Japanese parents register their newborns, the local authorities can say no if they don’t think the name is appropriate. In 1993, the name Akuma, meaning “devil”, was not permitted.

There have been 20 people named Noun, 458 named Comma, 18 called Period but only one called Semicolon.”

Parents in a northern Mexican state are no longer allowed to name their children ‘Facebook‘, ‘Robocop‘ or ‘Circumcision‘, officials have announced.

Denmark banned name Anus. Well, Pluto and Monkey had lucky escapes.

Alice is just one of MANY banned baby names in Saudi Arabia. The country made 50 children’s name illegal after deeming them “blasphemous” and “inappropriate”.

The list includes Arabic names such as Malaak (angel), Malika (queen) and Amir (prince), which we can kind of understand, but also some Western names like Linda, Elaine and Alice.

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A French couple, wanted to name their child after the character of Damon from The Vampire Diaries, added an ‘e’ to make it sound more French. But they weren’t allowed because it sounded too demonic.


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