Underworld Journey: Comparative Research Between Aristophanes’ The Frogs and Virgil’s Aeneid (E book VI)

The descent to the underworld is a mytheme of comparative mythology present in a various variety of religions from all over the world, together with Christianity. The hero or upper-world deity journeys to the underworld or to the land of the lifeless and returns, usually with a quest-object or a liked one, or with heightened data. The flexibility to enter the realm of the lifeless whereas nonetheless alive, and to return, is a proof of the classical hero’s distinctive standing as greater than mortal.

Virgil, the best of all Roman poets, modeled his masterpiece, The Aeneid (30-19 BC), on the traditional Greek epics the Iliad and the Odyssey, written by Homer. However Aristophanes (448-385 BC), Athenian playwright, is taken into account one of many biggest writers of comedy in literary historical past. The Frogs is one in every of his masterpieces. The ingenuity of the plot, incidental extravagances, the recent and glowing wit, the fragile literary criticism, the candy bursts of lyric music, and the unrivalled snatches of parody make Aristophanes’ The Frogs the best literary satire in any language. The Aeneid is split into completely different books. Of them, E book VI may be very vital as a result of it provides an account of underworld which is visited and skilled by Aeneas, the Trojan hero after the autumn of troy. Nonetheless, the story of Aristophanes’ The Frogs may be associated to that of Virgil’s The Aeneid (E book VI) relating to journey to the underworld particularly relating to theme, characters, locations, description of the underworld and so forth.

The start a part of these two journeys may be in contrast. Earlier than beginning the journey to the Underworld, Aeneas, the Trojan hero visited Cumaean Sibyl. She in her prophetic imaginative and prescient informed Aeneas that very quickly he would have battle in a battle in Latium. It was Sibyl who instructed Aeneas to pluck the Golden Bough. Aeneas was escorted by her to Hades via the cave of Avernus. They reached the river Styx, on the one aspect of which they might see the ghosts of the unburied lifeless. In The Frogs we see that Dionysus, the patron god of Drama because the hero of the play begins journey to Underworld accompanying along with his slave Xanthias. Uncertain about one of the best ways to interrupt into the Underworld and ever unsteady in his valor, he devises an ingenious plan. He’ll placed on the disguise of Heracles who within the final and most spectacular of his well-known labors pressured his approach into Hades’ realm and stole the watchdog of Hell, the three headed hound Cerberus. Dionysus figures that, if Hades’ guards see “Heracles” coming once more, they’ll all run away and let him enter and not using a battle. Nonetheless, dressing himself up lion’s pores and skin and membership full, as Heracles and accompanied by his slave Xanthias with the luggage, he begins on his perilous journey. If we evaluate The Frogs with The Aeneid, we see that Dionysus acts as a hero in The Frogs who really is a god (god of drama) whereas Aeneas; a human being acts the function of a hero in The Aeneid. The Golden Bough which has a magical impact for rescuing oneself from any hazard may be in comparison with the costume of lion’s pores and skin wore by Dionysus.

The primary objective of their underworld journey is to get instruction of constructing (Aeneid) or saving nation (The Frogs) from the lifeless who have been nice of their lifetime. We will see that in each journeys there may be presence of Charon who’s the aged boatman who ferried the souls of the lifeless throughout a river separating the world of the dwelling from the world of the lifeless and introduced them to the gates of the underworld. In each items protagonists must request Charon to hold them all through the river Styx (Aeneid) which can be referred to as the lake Acheron (The Frogs) and the river is identical to each journeys although in numerous names. In Aeneid we will see that Aeneid is recommended in regards to the precondition and procedures of the journey by Helenus. Equally, Dionysus is recommended by Heracles who’s his semi brother.

In each journeys protagonists meets many souls, phantoms, ugly cretures. Cerberus, a monstrous canine is present in each journey. Cerberus, a three-headed, dragon-tailed canine that guards the doorway to the decrease world, or Hades. The monster permitted all spirits to enter Hades, however would enable none to depart. Sibyl who provides the rule and stays with Aeneas as a companion within the journey may be in comparison with each Heracles (from whom Dionysus provides suggestion earlier than beginning journey) and Xanthias. Xanthias is a comic book determine who works as a servant of Dionysus. Sibyl is a feminine prophet who guided the Trojan prince Aeneas via the underworld to go to his father Anchises and her function within the journey was very noteworthy as a result of with out her prophecy and help.

The experiences Aeneas and Dionysus gathered of their journey to the hell just isn’t identical. However in each The Frogs and The Aeneid Hell is described as darkish and muddy, ugly and filled with harmful creatures ever seen. Aeneas’ expertise within the journey is bitterer than Dionysus’ expertise. Within the epic Aeneid the underworld journey performs critical objective and within the different writing we will discover that all through the comedy seriousness is absent and it’s changed by humor, irony and witty remarks. There may be discovered many comedian incidents all through the journey made by Dionysus like Dionysus’ disguising himself as a slave and Xanthius’ disguise as a grasp which is made due to the concern of Dionysus of Empusa.

We will see that in Aeneid the hero Aeneas acts bravely and stays decided and assured all through the Journey. However in The Frogs the hero Dionysus is discovered coward, self-seeking, carnal, unmanly individual and in all through the journey to the Hades. In Frogs we observe refrain is current all through the journey and in The Aeneid there isn’t a refrain. We will discover that Aeneas is prophesized to determine roman empire and to descend to the Hades to fulfill his lifeless father Anchises to get ideas about what to be finished. However within the case of the frogs there isn’t a existence of prophecy about Dionysuss’ underworld journey.

A hanging distinction between the journeys of those two items is the distinction of the therapy of nature within the description of two journeys. Within the Aeneid we will discover an elaborate description of the surroundings and pure surroundings of the Hades. For instance there’s a description of Dis with shadow and lightweight like a wooden land in a moonlit night time. However there isn’t a such description within the frogs of the journey made by Dionysus.One other necessary dissimilarity is that within the description of journey made by Aeneis there may be elaborate description of the creatures confronted by Aeneas. I Aeneid Charon is described as outdated man having the vigor of ever younger with beard of fiery crimson coloration. We will discover the presence of music and dance within the journey of Dionysus within the frogs however there isn’t a such merchandise within the journey made by Aeneas within the Aeneid.

Though The Frogs and Aeneid are completely different kind of literary work quite a few some similarities between this two items relating to journey to the Underworld are noticeable. In The Frogs the state of affairs was very a lot humorous and satirical however in The Aeneid it was critical. Certainly, it’s Patriotic zeal which is widespread similarity in each items.

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