Simultaneous Undercover Operations Led To A Police Brawl

bboellinger / Pixabay

Communication is essential in any good workplace. Unfortunately, the Detroit Police Department does not seem to be one. In 2017, officers from the city’s 12th district launched an undercover operation in which cops were clandestine as drug traffickers to catch potential buyers on the street. At the same time, officers from the 11th Commissariat were undertaking a similar operation, with the exception of their officers posing as potential buyers. Neither of the two constituencies were aware of each other’s operations. You see where it’s going, yes? If you can not, let’s just say that undercover agents from both groups turned out to be pretty good actors.

In a bustle that could have been easily avoided with a simple neighborhood-to-neighborhood communication, the two parties met and the two jumped into action to stop each other. A screaming and jarring match erupted as more officers arrived at the scene and fists finally began to fly. An officer was put in a headache, firearms were fired and more than two dozen police officers were involved in the fray.

An officer was reportedly hospitalized as a result of the incident, but fortunately there was no serious injury except for the department’s severely injured ego. As Detroit Police Chief James Craig said, “This is probably one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen in this department.” I hope they have since put in place some sort of cross-sector newsletter or something.

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