meat in beer
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How to respond when someone makes a joke about vegetarians?

1. Stab them with a spear…of asparagus. 2. “Take it easy, bro. I have no beef with you.” 3. “Lettuce…

bad joke
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Jokes So Bad They’re Actually Funny

I met a camel with no humps, so I named him Humphrey. How do you kill a circus? You go…

hot air baloon
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The hot air balloon dilemma

A man flying in a hot air balloon suddenly realizes he’s lost. He reduces height and spots a man down…

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50 Indicators To Inform If You Are Homosexual

1. You put on the suitable underwear for every of your dates. 2. You perceive the refined variations between at…

Santa Claus
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Similarities between Santa Claus and system directors

1. Santa is bearded, corpulent, and attire humorous. 2. If you ask Santa for one thing, the percentages of receiving…

portrait of the michael jackson
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Prediction of What Michael Jackson Would Look Like in the Year 2000

This article was published in 1985 from Ebony Magazine. In their special “What they may look like in 2000,” the…

yo mama
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Yo mama so fat Jokes

When she hauls ass she has to make two trips. When she dances she makes the band skip. When she…

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Share this moose – For no reason

You would be sharing this for the reason that you should share it for no reason.

meanwhile in germany
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Germans always work

It’s funny because this basics in true story.

not gay
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Two guys in a VW bug


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stages of drunkeness
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Stages of Drunkeness

0 – Stone cold sober. Brain as sharp as an army bayonet. 1 – Still sober. Pleasure senses activated. Feeling…

touchdown celebration fail
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Touchdown Celebration Fail

spoiled girl hates car parody
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Spoiled girl hates car – PARODY

This is based on a few videos out there about s spoilt rich girl who hates her present. now come…