twelve Murphy Laws for Recurrent Flyers

Murphy Laws1. Not any flight ever leaves in time unless you are running late and want the
delay to make the airline flight.

2. If you are running later for a flight, it will leave from the farthest
gate inside the terminal.

3. If you appear very early for a airline flight, it inevitably will be postponed.

4. Flights never get away from from Gate #1 any kind of time terminal in the world.

5. In case you must work on your airline flight, you will experience turbulence just
as you touch pen for you to paper.

6. If you are designated a middle seat, you could determine who has the seat designs on
the aisle along with the window while you are still inside boarding area. Just
search for the two largest passengers.

seven. Only passengers seated around window seats ever need up to go to
the lavatory.

7. The crying baby fully briefed your flight is always placed next to you.

9. The particular best-looking man/woman on your airline flight is never seated next to people.

10. The less travel bag luggage space available on a aircraft, the more carry-on
bags passengers will bring aboard.

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